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Magico (manga) – A Story Of Love And Magic

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Magico (Manga) - A world of love and magic

“Magico”, the journey of love and the path towards happiness

The power of love and the feelings that embody it, to what extent can it drive a person, how powerful can love make you? An intangible power that produces limitless power? “Love”, that mysterious four letter word which can only be understood by feeling it, an immeasurable and infinite power, what will one go through to save the one they hold dear? What burdens, what challenges, what sufferings would one endure to capture the stare of the one they love? When the moment arises, just how far would someone go for love?

Magico is a story about “Echidna”, a “dark power” reborn once every five hundred years inside the heart of a girl, capable of destroying the world. Shion, a mysterious mage saves the girl, Emma, who was born with “Echidna’s” power inside her heart, from power-hungry and greed-induced beings. Shion announces he will protect her and save her by completing the ritual of “Magico” which encompasses many other specific “rituals”, the first of which is to get married…

Magico Chapter 1 - the beginning of their journey together

The power of the magic in “Magico”

Tragic events brought the two together and tragic events seek to try to pull the two apart. Faced with the world against them and the ever-growing power of “Echidna”, the girl falling in love with the boy and the boy head over heels in love with the girl, set off on their journey to complete Magico and completely seal that power. Their clumsiness and their innocence propels the love they have for each other as well as creates amusing and cute haphazard romantic scenes between the two – they really are a cute couple.

The story of Magico is interesting, the main driving force being the mystery(ies) behind “Echidna” and the “rituals” of Magico. Personally I find “Echidna” extremely fascinating, it’s the aspect of Magico which interests me most; just who is she or should I be asking what is she? What is this power that “Echidna” exudes and what is the story behind it? Is “Echidna” merely just a power or is she something much more? Well we’ll learn all this with time as Magico continues to run, but still I’m immensely intrigued with the “Echidna” story. The Magico rituals which are at the center of sealing “Echidna” set-up the foundations for the arcs in Magico. The addition of side character stories within the arcs do add more substance and pull to the overall story and serve to hold the reader’s attention as the mystery(ies) of “Echidna”, Shion and Emma slowly reveals itself.

Magico Chapter 2 - Shion, Anise and Emma

“For you nothing’s too precious”

The characters in Magico are pretty awesome, they have defined personalities and interesting back-stories, especially the main characters Shion and Emma, who are such a cute couple. The tsundere Shion who is slowly learning to become more open with his feelings and the naive country-girl, Emma, who wants to hep Shion in any way she can; the two of them reveal such an interesting and different side within the other when they are around each other. Is this the power of love? The introduction of Luu and the presence of Anise really does give the main characters the “family-vibe” which is pretty amusing and awesome, especially considering the past for Shion, Emma and Luu.

Loving the back stories we get on the side-characters during the arcs, they add so much to understanding why certain characters do certain things and it gives the arc a more personal feeling allowing the reader to form a closer connection to what is happening. And in addition these situations also help to highlight what makes the main characters, Shion and Emma so lovable, which in turn makes you love them more.

Currently my favourite character is Anise, whom has a lot of mystery surrounding her. Joshua and Rosetta are my next favourite characters, they make a great couple and lol at Joshua’s foul mouth, I have grown to love it. Joshua is a freakin’ badass and Rosetta is downright hot, they just ooze awesomeness =P. “Pluto, Lord of the Underworld” awakened Luu is also super badass.

While those are my favourite characters, I still think Shion is incredible. Regardless of what he had to endure in the past and what he to endure in the present and everything he knows he will have to endure in the future, he still maintains that joy of life and spark of happiness within him. While Emma is the main reason for why he has kept so centered and focused throughout everything, his will power truly is something to marvel. His immense and resolute will power to see everything through to the end is inhuman; it’s inspiring and moving. His straightforwardness and desire to bring happiness to not only Emma but everyone he can bring it to really is something, it’s hard not to think Shion is amazing.

Magic, magic, magic; the introduction of “rituals” did have me initially confused because it’s a unique way of dealing with magic and such a step away from the conventional magic power system, but it really is simple and after getting my head around “rituals”, it’s quite the fascinating and intriguing base for centering magic around, especially when an infinite range of magics are possible.

Magico Chapter 2 - the path of Magico

Nothing is impossible in this world of magic when they are together, not even “Magico”

The whole shounen story based around marriage stirs around such amusing elements and makes for a good read. I enjoy all the ridiculous situations brought about from magic and love. I also love the creativity that has gone into Magico; from the world, to the creatures in it, to the “rituals”, to the magic, to the characters, there are so many developments that have fascinated me.

Also love how the world of Magico keeps on expanding as Shion and Emma continue the Magico rituals. The way the arcs are handled builds Magico up as a story more than the two’s relationship and into something more vast and epic. Whether it’s the effect of “Echidna’s” powers or the span of time in which it exists, the mysteries and surrounding circumstances behind Magico and Echidna do make the story more expansive.

The shounen genre also comes through strongly here and you got to love how the shounen genre handles things. It’s not about a person saving someone physically, isn’t it incredible when someone is able to save another person from a deeply seeded pain they are facing and suffering from? That pain linked towards traumatic events and buried beneath countless emotions serving to hide a part of the person away from themselves due to fear and the terror of experiencing such pain again. Isn’t it incredible when someone can help a person in pain face such pain and help them accept and overcome it, helping to heal that scar and void existing in their hearts and souls? I think it is, it really is incredible seeing such things, because after all, aren’t we all “fragile” and need “saving”?

As you can tell, I’m loving Magico, but…all that changed when the latest arc hit, oh goodness…I didn’t mind the end of the “Best Couples” arc being generic, that was fine, but this current arc is just dealing with something so unnecessary. I am seriously not happy about it, it’s basically thrashing all that was built up for the past 51 chapters in the span of a few chapters…Iwamoto-sensei must have something REAL good planned if he opened such a dangerous can of worms. Anyway I’ll talk about the new arc in another post – Magico chapter 52-57. Ignoring this current arc which isn’t finished (I’m hoping this pointless love-triangle development stops soon…) the story so far in Magico has been good and I’ve enjoyed reading it.

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