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Magico Chapter 52-57 – No Man Should Steal Another Man’s Wife

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Magico Chapter 52 - Happy Days

Colourful, creative, happy and magical, what a great double page spread, I love it

Yes, no man should steal another man’s wife, but that CLEARLY doesn’t bother Magico when it comes to such things in this arc, I can’t believe I’m seeing such a development in a shounen manga, ah what an unsatisfying and lame twist. Well I suppose this is what happened with Rosetta when Joshua “stole” her away from the Dragon Tail King, but that situation is clearly different from Emma’s case where she still loves Shion and is not unsatisfied or unhappy with him. All I could say and think when Raven dropped his marriage proposal on Emma was “oi…” But soon enough the torrents of emotions rapidly building up began to rage and the sheer unnecessariness behind the development began to invoke my thoughts and feelings into motion.

Emma’s character seriously does need some special coverage badly, so far she hasn’t really been doing much. It’s nice how she’s taking the initiative in the relationship, like how she made the first move to kiss Shion when he was hesitating at the end of the last arc, but that’s not enough. Emma needs to be highlighted some more, be it her kind side which moves others to their core (and I’m talking about the way Raven was moved by Emma’s kindness, ugh…), or by some sort of magic which she learns to wield – she could always learn to control that magical dress she has. Preferably, it would be epic if Emma’s power-up was something that taps into “Echidna’s” powers so it can link up to the story and lead to developing the most interesting aspect of Magico (the mysteries of “Echidna”).

Shion has been the focus so far and he has been the one saving characters in trouble which leaves Emma overshadowed and lacking in character development and focus, and the developments to come should be helping to highlight her strengths, not breed immense uneasiness and irritation at her seemingly apparent unfaithfulness for stringing Raven along with his delusions of actually “stealing” Emma away from Shion. Uggghhh, this arc really doesn’t rub me the right way. And Raven….ah crap, I’m getting that Sasuke vibe all over again; his a genius, his pretty, his got status, his “perfect”, and the girls (and guys) all love him, and even when he makes a completely retarded move like trying to steal away another man’s wife, others completely lose any ounce of common sense they have and end up wholly supporting that immoral act…Everytime a girl fawns over Raven, I just sigh and shake my head…is Iwamoto-sensei trying to get us to dislike him? And the worse part of everything is that I actually want to like Raven, he is not a bad guy but this whole situation which his character is placed in is just wrong…

This whole Raven development is seriously hurting Emma’s character…when Iwamoto-sensei is supposed to create situations that makes the readers like Emma more he decides to throw this garbage in their face and create some seedling of negativity in their minds. Emma should have just back-handed Raven’s proposal as soon as it left his mouth and clicked in her mind, why let the uneasiness and stink of unfaithfulness linger longer than necessary? Why think about it? What the hell is to think about anyway? She’s married for crying out loud, the only answer could be “HELL NO! YOU MAD?!” Just what is wrong with these character thinking that proposing to someone married is ACTUALLY a good idea and morally okay? The hell? For someone so smart, Raven is surprisingly a retard. I can’t believe such a development was perceived as a good idea for the focus of this arc in Magico…I’m real curious to see the Weekly Shounen Jump TOC rankings for this arc when they come out.

What this arc is doing is basically thrashing every single thing that has been built up in the 51 chapters that preceded it, making every single thing that developed the Shion and Emma relationship into something so enjoyable to something just infuriating…chapter 51 just had Shion and Emma publicly declare their love for one another again, and two chapters later, we get Emma proposed to again and not striking that down immediately…Why are the two not standing up for their marriage? Shion did lose some of his memories due to the reverse broom ritual, but that still doesn’t excuse his spinelessness and his return to tsundereness, ah!!! Just tell Emma you love her already and have her reject Raven’s proposal then and there settling this whole pointless situation. Emma as well, does she not realise what’s happening? Do I overestimate her intelligence and perception? Does Emma not know that she is already married? Or is she secretly unhappy with Shion and wants an upgrade? Oh Emma…

Magico Chapter 53 - Anise's hopes

Thank you Anise, at least there is someone I can BELIEVE in during this vexing arc…

Thank goodness Anise is in the manga, one of the only few smart characters in this arc…and she’s not human for crying out a loud (a spirit perhaps)…ah human beings…at least Shion is still standing up for his marriage in some way, but his spinelessness is still aggravating this whole ordeal…:

Magico Chapter 53 - Shion's resolve

About time, but more is needed!!

There is no need to introduce such a pointless development which does absolutely nothing to further the story and is instead actually harming it…Obviously Emma (and Luu) in the end are not going to be wooed by Raven, but having Raven try to woo them as Emma and Luu make their positions unclear is just ridiculous. Emma is not going to leave Shion, which makes everything Raven is doing now so unnecessary and annoying. Why drag something that could have been resolved in the first chapter of the arc right through the whole arc (this whole development feels so forced and unnatural)? All that dragging is doing is breeding unsatisfaction and infuriation towards the characters as well and causing the other great elements of the arc to be affected by this negative tinge. This arc would be so much better off without this ridiculous and annoying love-triangle which isn’t going anyway (oh shoujo genre why’d you have to pay this shounen genre manga a visit?). Sure the development is to force Shion to become more open about his feelings for Emma, but there are so many more enjoyable ways to go about achieving this end and why does Shion have to do everything (especially after he lost some of his “happy” memories)? C’mon Emma stand up for your husband and the love you have for him…

I know this negativity I hold is in part due to me being hurt for actually so strongly believing in the love Emma and Shion hold for each other (guess I overestimated just how much Emma loves Shion…what a shame Syphin, too naive, too naive…), but I do strongly believe that this Raven proposal development being half-baked and unnecessarily dragged through the arc is also a big reason for why I hold such negativity towards it.

Or was it me actually believing Emma was smarter than everyone gave her credit for, but guess she just as simple minded as her appearance makes her appear, ah what a shame, I actually thought Emma would notice what’s up especially since it’s obvious, but guess I overestimated her observation skills…Why Emma why? Why do you make Shion and the readers go through such sadness and uneasiness?! I really hope Iwamoto-sensei has something REAL good planned…

The only way I think this arc can be salvaged is if it is revealed by Raven at the end that his proposal and advances on Emma were all part of his big scheme to force Shion to open up more and become more intimate with Emma. This would salvage this arc and even make Raven seem quite cool. C’mon Raven!

Anyway, time to talk about the rest of the arc which is actually really good – the Amusement Park in the magic box setting is great, love how creative and deadly it is. The antagonist this arc are great as well – hurray for the sexy bunny woman, I’ll be supporting her from now! The revelation that Ain + others also entered the box and were defeated is great as well, hopefully Ain makes Emma realise just how silly she is if the two ever meet…

ANISE!!!!!!!!!!!! Chapter 57 was amazing, solely because of Anise and her “other” form being revealed as well as the mystery surrounding her coming to the surface. I had always believe that Anise was more than just a cat when she was introduced (lol Yoruichi from Bleach) so I’ve been waiting for this moment when more on Anise is revealed:

Magico Chapter 57 - Anise's seal Magico Chapter 57 - Anise's true form Magico Chapter 57 - Anise's sacrifice

What is this “it” that is being referred to by Anise, is it something to do with Magico and in order for Shion and Emma to overcome “it”, they require a stronger bond which will come about from completing the “eternal hold” ritual they are currently on. Did Anise seal this “being” before and link her bells to the seals strength which are now weakening causing this “being” to awaken. Does Anise know more about Magico and “Echidna” than she’s letting off and is she actually more closely link to those two elements than what’s been revealed? If so that would be so badass, I knew she was an awesome character, but this will make  even more awesome. The “I’m their onee-chan, after all…” line along with her tears makes it seem like Anise is sacrificing herself for those she cares about. It seems like this “it” is too strong even for her, but for Shion, Emma and Luu, Anise has resolved to take it upon herself and open up the path towards whats next in Magico. Will Anise’s sacrifice spark something in Shion where he along with Emma and Luu abandon the “eternal hold” ritual they are on or any subsequent rituals they face in order to save their beloved “onee-chan” Anise. That would certainly be cool and strengthen the bonds between the four =D (Shion, Emma, Luu and Anise).

There are a lot of great elements apparent in this arc, but the existence of that unnecessary love-triangle is just pulling everything else down with it. I hope this development with Raven will be settled soon because I really don’t like it…it creates so much unsatisfaction for me…ah…anyway looking forward to the next chapter to see if more on Anise will be covered.

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