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Bleach Chapter 486-490 – Buried Secrets

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Bleach Chapter 489 - Vandenreich begins to move

So Ichigo was that much of a threat? Smart antagonist

Well now, things sure are tensing up with the beginning of the invasion and Ichigo’s battle against Kirge Opie who has unleashed his Vollstandig Quincy form. Great how things became more mysterious and interesting with the revelation that Yamamoto and the Vandenreich head have a past relationship and that these Quincy guys know about Uryuu – what did Kirge mean? Hmmmm.

Was great to see some old characters again, especially Harribel’s fraccion, Sung-Sun, Mila Rose and Apacci, though it is a shame they ended up getting defeated so comprehensively by Kirge so soon =(, oh well guess it’s time for Ichigo to unleash and mop the floor with him, well even if he doesn’t, it will be interesting to see how Ichigo handles Kirge in his current form. Speaking of Ichigo, ah he has matured nicely, I really like his self in this arc. Being the hero saving those in need and doing what he does best, putting the baddies in their place.

Mayuri’s move to exterminate those 28,000 Rukongai citizens was shocking, but it does make sense and has an argument behind it that could highlight the action as justified. In order to balance the flow of souls which Vandenreich messed with, there really wasn’t much choice for Mayuri in what to do if he wanted to prevent the different realms from overlapping with each other which would eventually result in their end. Now that it has been revealed that the Vandenreich head is from 1,000 years ago, I’m very curious to learn the story behind what happened between Soul Society and him.

The time taken to mourn Sasakibe’s death was nice, we learned more about him in chapter 486 than we knew from the 485 chapters that came before it – so he reached the level of Bankai that long ago.

Anyway I’m loving how this current arc is developing and being handled, it’s great. There are a lot things going on, several sub-plots are beginning to converge together into one and the developments in the early parts of the arc are becoming more clear. Having different point of views focused on – Ichigo’s and Soul Society’s – is also great, it makes the chapters more involving and exciting adding variation and substance. I’m also very excited about the fact that main characters – the Karakura squad (minus Rukia and Renji) – are being focused on as they invade Hueco Mundo. Hopefully Kubo brought Inoue and Sado’s power up to the level close to the Shinigami’s if not at their level.

The revelation about Ichigo being one of the five “special weapons” is interesting, just who are the other four? Yamamoto? Kisuke? Isshin? Aizen? Uryuu? Ryuuken? Harribel?

Bleach Chapter 490 - The five special weapons

How interesting, who else could be a “special weapon”?

Add the fact that Uryuu’s name is known amongst the Quincy, and you have quite a bit of mystery in this Bleach arc, especially when it was implied that Uryuu was stronger than Kirge O.o.

Looking forward to learning about the past of the Quincy and Soul Society 1,000 years ago and what the exact reasons behind Vandenreich being so passionate towards their desire of crushing Soul Society are. Do the Vandenreich not realise how the balance of the worlds can be affected by arbitrarily messing with Hueco Mundo and Soul Society, or is that they do not care? All for revenge?

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