Fanart Dimension – Katana-wielding badass from The Walking Dead (TV)

Drawing-M-v1.3 - by Syphin

Oh yeah! Finally!

Oh goodness, I just had to. That 10 second scene in the season two finale of The Walking Dead (TV series) was so amazingly awesome. I have been hoping so much for such a character and I thought that it would continue remaining a fantasy, but such a character actually appeared! Ah it’s surreal.

Maybe it’s because I love katana’s, maybe it’s because anime and manga have infected me, maybe it’s because of Roronoa Zoro, maybe it’s because of Saeko Busujima in Highschool of the Dead (she’s my favourite character in that series), but I LOOOOOVE katana-wielding characters, especially when it concerns a zombie post-apocalyptic world. A katana would definitely be my weapon of choice in a zombie post-apocalyptic world.

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