Fanart Dimension – Avatar Korra and Link

Drawing-Avatar-Korra-2v2.7a - by Syphin

Avatar Korra - by Syphin

Ended up riding a wave of inpsiration and done some fanart for Avatar Korra and Link:

These Avatar Korra drawings were done for an Avatar Korra Art Trade with my friend:

Drawing-Avatar-Korra-1v4.2c - by Syphin

Avatar Korra Earthbending - by Syphin

Had an urge to draw a Link drawing back when I was playing Skyward Sword, but only ended up doing that severally months later (this month) =P. Ah Skyward sword is such an amazing game:

Drawing-TLoZ-Link-v2.5 - by Syphin

The Goddess's Chosen Hero, Link

I played around with the cloud layer I had and loved the effect it gave:

Drawing-TLoZ-Link-v2.5Clouds - by Syphin

Updated My Gallery section (under the gallery tab) with these additions as well as some other sketches, so click the link to check it out.


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