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Shen Yun Performing Arts 2012

Shen Yun-banner-2012

Shen Yun - The beauty of divine beings dancing

Vibrant and enlightening, five thousand years of Chinese civilisation relives itself within 150 minutes of classical Chinese dance and music that feels like a gust of fantasy and history sweeping you up into its existence and beauty and absorbing you into a world the performances individually and collectively inspire within your heart.

Each of the performances amazes and dazzles you leaving you in a state of wonder and awe. The comprehensiveness of the dancing, the contrast in it, the story expressed by it, the sharpness and smoothness in the technique and execution, the complimentary nature and balance achieved with the music as well as the pull it has on your being; everything involved comes together so radiantly and memorably, the Shen Yun performance really is nothing short of a spectacle infused with the breath of Chinese culture and life.

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Magi – The Labyrinth Of Magic

Magi - Aladdin

The Labyrinth of Magic - Magi

Fate, the invisible force guiding existences through the universe towards some unknown and mysterious path yet towards a path that has a purpose and reason laid out. Breathing life into the now and opening the path towards what will be, the hands of fate continue to work like the beat of time ticking continuously and eternally. Ever changing and ever unchanging, the life of fate takes the form of courage that exist in each heart allowing people to choose the way forward in the now they find themselves in. Reasons for why you are born, reasons for who you are, reasons for what you want, questions that weight on the heart of each person; through the breath of fate, each person is guided towards the answers that allow people to find themselves.

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