Naruto Chapter 579 – “AND I’M A DRAGON NOW!”

Naruto Chapter 579 - Kabuto - colour by HollowCN (

HIS A DRAGON! - colour by HollowCN (

Oh boy, Kabuto just made me laugh so amazingly hard, ah it hurts…*cough cough cough…ahahahahahahahah, hahahah. It’s great how the snake race also has their own sage and path like the toads of Myōbokuzan. Pretty cool that Kishimoto-sensei is going in some depth with the snakes because ever since learning about Myōbokuzan and that the toads had their own society, I was curious to see if other summoned creatures had something similar. So if Myōbokuzan is the home of toads, and if Ryūchi Cave is the home of snakes, does this mean that Shikkotsu Forest is the home of slugs? There is no basis but it does sound like it could be the case.

Kishimoto-sensei did mention Shikkotsu Forest this chapter most likely because he intends to reveal more about it in future chapters. If Shikkotsu Forest does have something to do with Slugs, it could be used to convey the reason or basis for a Tsunade technique or power-up or even a summon (during her battle against Madara with the other Kages). We learned this chapter that there are other summoned creatures that have cultures other than the toads of Myōbokuzan, so it is likely that slugs have their own culture. The toad and snake homes are both special places that allow shinobi to train their bodies for gathering chakra from nature for senjutsu. The third place to train in senjutsu is Shikkotsu Forest. If Kishimoto-sensei does intend to development on this further, does this mean he is intending for another person to master senjutsu (other than Naruto and Kabuto)?

My personal hope is that the developments go along with the flow and Shikkotsu Forest is infact the home of slugs and Tsunade’s forbidden jutsu, Strength of a Hundred Technique, is the result of her training there. I wonder if this would mean she knows some senjutsu and has some level of mastery over it. Tsunade has an immense chakra reserve and an even greater level of chakra manipulation, so it would be possible for her to learn and use senjutsu, if she has infact is whole different matter.

Her forbidden jutsu, her Creation Rebirth technique and her Yin Seal Release do seem like extreme cases of senjutsu – rather than using gathered natural chakra in balance with ones own chakra, stored chakra is used here. It takes the process of gathering chakra further by allowing chakra to be gathered in one point and stored (ie. Tsunade’s seal mark on her forehead). Well it is unknown whether all three Sage forms in their respective lands function the same way, this could very well be the way the Sage Mode in Shikkotsu Forest functions. Kabuto’s Sage Mode may even function opposite to Naruto’s – the more animal-like Kabuto becomes, the stronger he gets.

Apart from Enma, crows or tortoises, I don’t see many other summoned creatures that could have their home be Shikkotsu Forest, due to the fact that since it is likely Kishimoto-sensei will cover it again, the summoned creature in question and their master must be relevant to the story, and in my opinion at this point in time, the person most relevant that we know of is Tsunade (it could be someone else depending on how things develop). It may even be one of the others Kages who have yet to reveal their summon creature if they have one. Well all this depends on whether Kishimoto-sensei plans on developing on the Shikkotsu Forest reveal.

The chapter was great, loved how Kabuto was able to combat against the Sharingan and two Susanoo’s. So he has the Hozuki clan’s Hydrification Tenchique, the Uzumaki clan’s recovery ability (what Karin was a Uzumaki?! that’s pretty awesome), and with the help of research done on Juugo as well as the teachings of senjutsu by the White Snake Sage, Kabuto was able to gain access to Sage Mode. This fight is becoming more intense than I expected, it’s awesome, Kabuto really has prepared himself for a battle against Uchiha and the Sharingan (how he has been dealing with the Sharingan’s genjutsu). Maybe now my theory of Kabuto actually being the “young man with powerful eyes” in the Great Toad Sages reading of Naruto will actually come to be – I had thought Kabuto would get some special snakes eyes, but special dragon eyes sounds even better =D.

Naruto Chapter 579 - Uzumaki distinguishing feature

Red hair, got it, so that's the Uzumaki clan's distinguishing feature, I wonder now...

It’s pretty cool that Karin is a Uzumaki, this really does help to explain why she survived after Sasuke stabbed her through the chest – all thanks to her blood (hopefully she’s gotten over the guy who tried to kill her). I was just thinking about who else belonged to the Uzumaki clan when I watched Naruto Shippuuden episode 253 (2 weeks ago), and hahah, I had thought “who else has red hair…hmmmm…” but didn’t think about Karin. I gave up shortly after since I had thought that red hair was a pretty broad descriptive characteristic and didn’t think that Kishimoto-sensei would use it so specifically, but he intends to have red hair be their defining characteristic. Guess now I can continue thinking about who else may be a Uzumaki –  the filler character Honoka is most likely one, Karui (oh please Karui be a Uzumaki), Sasori, Sasori’s father, Gaara (his blood helped him survive his premature birth and having the Shukaku sealed within him before his birth?), the Fourth Kazekage, Chouza, and maybe Tayuya (is her hair pink or red?).

This was very amusing given the chapters content: here

Enjoyed the color spread for the chapter, lol at Naruto trying to make it look like he is going to pop Kurama’s snot bubble – hahah aren’t optical illusions fun. And it’s amusing seeing Kurama asleep in Konoha rather than destroying it as he was in the start of Naruto (though that was because of Tobi):

Naruto Chapter 579 - colour spread

Kurama! How cute and lol nice one Naruto

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