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Fairy Tail Chapter 276 – Spirits Ablaze

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Fairy Tail Chapter 276 - Bacchus the victor

You spirit really is WILD...OOOOHHH!! Bacchus!!

Did not expect the second day to come so soon, was ready for some more drama during the night of the first day, but very glad that wasn’t the case, wanted to see more of the Grand Magic Games =D. Mashima-sensei is progressing this arc at such an excellent pace; just the right amount of drama, not spending too long on each scene, delivering a very healthy dose of quality humour (hahah Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers), and treating us to some great “battles”.

Bacchus is awesome; he was introduced just last chapter, but through that chapter and this one he has become so awesome – I love his character. Hilarious how he was still afflicted by the alcohol from the day before (I guess Cana really did push him to his limits  – I bet she’d win if they had a rematch =P). But hahah semi-serious mode Bacchus is so badass, I can’t wait to see him when he is in full-serious mode. Bacchus just ‘trying a bit harder’ demolished those chariots, and that wasn’t even his full strength! If Erza and Bacchus really are going to be matched up against one another, I can’t wait for it:

Fairy Tail Chapter 276 - Bacchus getting serious

Ooooooh Boy!! Here it comes...

Fairy Tail Chapter 276 - Bacchus demolishes the Chariots

Wow, oh wow! That was awesome!

Love how Bacchus demolished those chariots and created an opening for him to seize the win – what a guy. His victory pose at the goal was great.

Natsu, hahahah, ahahahahahah, oh goodness, ahahahahah…that was so hilarious having Natsu compete in the challenge where the stage is a moving vehicle. Dead last lol, but hahah Gajeel and Sting along side Natsu right at the back…how surprising it was to learn that all Dragon Slayers share the same weakness – transportation (even though it was obvious, which I failed to pick up on). I was wondering why Gajeel was also afflicted by the same effect, but it looks like that weakness finally caught up to him, poor Gajeel, now he’ll  be just like Natsu on a moving vehicle =P. Laxus also being affected by the weakness was great, such a monster having such a hilarious weak point =P, amusing how he told Mirajane not to tell anyone.

Fairy Tail Chapter 274 - Dragon Slayers weakness

Hilarious, this was great

Fairy Tail’s reasons for participating in the Games finally revealed (aside from the money – lol Makarov); Natsu was pretty cool when he expressed them, well very cool. So it’s for those Fairy Tail members that endured during the seven years and kept the spirit and heart of Fairy Tail alive even if they were laughed at and ridiculed.  Natsu and the others just want to show everyone exactly what it means to be Fairy Tail, to express the Fairy Tail spirit and show everyone that Fairy Tail never stopped moving forward. All the members of Fairy Tail who endured during those seven years in tears was great, so to were the smiles the rest of the Fairy Tail members had on conveying their support and agreement with Natsu. Awesome how Natsu and Gajeel pushed through their afflictions to claim 6th and 7th place respectively (yay Fairy Tail A Team finally got points on the board!).

Fairy Tail Chapter 274 - Natsu and Gajeel

Hahah nice one Natsu and Gajeel!

Fairy Tail’s unwavering determination looks to have spread to the audience as well, nice how they are finally getting behind Fairy Tail and giving them their support rather than their usual booing and ridiculing.

Sting lol, looks like what Natsu said hit a nerve. Wonder why Sting is so negative and bitter towards what Natsu stands for =/. Could it be that Sting himself was stung by harsh reality in the past? Curious to see Rogue and Sting’s backstory concerning the Dragon who taught them their magic and why they ended up killing it (if that is what actually happened). Sad Sting gave up on the challenge not bothering to care whether he reached the goal or not.

I had expected the second day challenge to take two or more chapters, but Mashima-sensei handled it in one chapter (awesome) and treated the readers to other great developments; the Dragon Slayers weakness, the reason for Fairy Tails participation in the games, and the audience beginning to give their support to Fairy Tail. Along with the challenge, three birds were hit with one stone =D.

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