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Bleach Chapter 485 – The Fall Of Hueco Mundo

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Bleach Chapter 485 -  The Queen Chained - colour by Bl4ckBurn (http://bl4ckburn.deviantart.com)

Hueco Mundo's beauty chained and at the mercy of Vandenreich - colour by Bl4ckBurn (http://bl4ckburn.deviantart.com)

Wow, I’m genuinely shocked and overwhelmingly excited, I was not expecting any of these twists this chapter. Having both Nel and Tier appear in the same chapter after so long, how incredibly awesome, what a great chapter. So Hueco Mundo is now under the Vandenreich’s control, and Tier Harribel has been captured (noooooooooooo!! – is this the reason why the Arrancar have to obey Vandenreich, because they have Hueco Mundo’s Queen?). What despairing circumstances, I hope Tier is saved soon, those Vandenreich guys, especially the King, are bad news, real bad news – he killed his subordinates!

Wonder if Grimmjow will help with the rescue, can’t see him sitting quietly as these guys ravage his home (and comrades?). Hopefully Grimmjow is still alive after these recent incidents in Hueco Mundo. Grimmjow teaming up with Ichigo would be so incredibly awesome.

Bleach Chapter 485 - Nel asking Ichigo for help

Oh boy, I have a good feeling that things are going to get real exciting now!

NELLL!!!!! Been too long since her last appearance. Great to see her, but looks like she is there to get Ichigo to help with whatever is happening to Heuco Mundo (Team Karakura Assemble!!). I hope Pesche and Dondochakka are okay.

So Sasakibe did actually end up dying =(. He was brutally impaled by that gigantic sword/arrow, so there wasn’t much hope left for him after that. Surprisingly there were quite a lot of Shinigami casualties, though all except one were named characters, still it’s pretty shocking. Soul Society are getting their backsides handed to them! And their attackers can wield Bankai’s as well.

Bleach Chapter 485 - The Empire's King

So Hueco Mundo is under their control and a stepping stone to invade Soul Society? What transportation method are they using to traverse between dimensions?

This King, he IS quite terrifying; what a crazy way of treating and talking to his subordinates, it even had me confused at the start when he was going on about whether Luders was a prophet or not. That King really is fearsome, he destroyed Luders for such an absurd and small reason, just how strict and extreme is this man? He went on to destroy Ivan just because he felt like it, putting down Ivan’s death as part of the foundation stones necessary to build peace…

The King sure does take pleasure in trolling his subordinates, especially the Arrancar ones (so Ivan was an Arrancar! and a Quincy?), he gets them off guard by subtly praising them and then quite brutally tears them back to the ground before killing them in quite the explosive manner.

From the conversation between the King and one of the masked subordinates, it seems the Vandenreich aren’t made up of Arrancar, they in fact force Arrancar from Hueco Mundo to work for them – nothing much you can do when you are faced with a power as great as this Kings (presumably it’s great since he can cause people to explode by pointing at them).

This arc is getting so exciting, it has such an amazing start; this chapter is my favourite one of the arc so far, I just love the developments and twists in it (yay Nel and Tier!). Great to have past characters make an appearance, especially awesome ones like Nel and Tier (whom are my favourite Arrancar along with Grimmjow). Not exactly sure what Vandenreich are after (why do they want to destroy Soul Society?) and how they intend to go about doing so, but that King is one fearsome and twisted guy. Looking forward to seeing what Ichigo is going to do now that Nel has informed him (going to inform him) of the situation in Hueco Mundo. Kubo-sensei has been handling this arc quite amazingly, the pacing and content in each chapter have been good so to has the overall mystery and story development of the arc.

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