Fairy Tail Chapter 246-275 – Reclaiming Number One

Fairy Tail Chapter 263 - Fairy Tail

Seven years of nothingness and seven years of change, Fairy Tail awakens to a world different then they remember yet their desire to continue living and having fun hasn’t changed

Lost time and lost reality, hidden regrets and shadowing sadness; the world dawns anew shining a light seven years old on eyes closed but for a moment. A miracle born from the magic of faith and bonds, called upon by the thoughts of each of them, embraced by the hearts they share with one another, empowered by the love they have for each other; yes, a magic known as a miracle answers their call but the reality of “then” freezes over.

Through the nothingness and silence of seven years sleeps the heart of the fairies, beckoned by their bonds and awakened by their faith in each other, the fairies awaken to a world hosting a reality seven years on. Tattered wings and fallen fairies; those who endured these seven years fill their mind with memories of the past, yet through the hopelessness and compounding despair, echoes of the past resound through their hearts and as seen in their treasured dreams, memories of “then”  materialise into the “now”. The beat of the heart breathes life into the fairies and like fire, it spreads igniting their spirits and setting their love for Fairy Tail ablaze.

A different time, a new present, a changed world; the Fairies of Fairy Tail have awakened after their seven-year filled frozen moment asleep and set their eyes on reclaiming their throne, the throne with the title of being number one, the number one guild in Fiore.

What a pleasure and joy it was catching up to the Fairy Tail Manga, those chapters at the end of the Tenrou Island Arc and these chapters in the X791 Arc were/are just amazing. They caused me to laugh, smile and cry tears of happiness and sadness so much; the feelings that are invoked when reading Fairy Tail are so embracing and warm and so very inspiring and moving. Fairy Tail really is a fantastic series and during the Tenrou Island Arc it really embraced its identity. It broke free from its cocoon, emerged to spread its magnificent wings and rose up to soar through these wonderous skies proceeding to grace the winds and the hearts of its readers with its magic on its journey towards the endless.

The story to Fairy Tail changed in such a surprising way and opened my eyes to see just how good Fairy Tail is getting and how much better it is going to get in the future. There are times given the right state of mind, feeling, scene, development, when I just can’t help but feel, Fairy Tail > One Piece. I am actually quite serious here, as Fairy Tail continues to develop and move forward, the times I think that are becoming more frequent, I honestly completely love the way Mashima-sensei is developing Fairy Tail. To me, it seems like Mashima-sensei, even though inspired by it, is aiming for One Piece with the intent to surpass it. It’s crazy since One Piece is such a massive series in Japan, but honestly, call me blind or stupidly optimistic, but I strongly believe that Mashima-sensei can do it with Fairy Tail (though that all depends on what people deem “better” to mean and other such subjective things, to me it’s all about fun and enjoyment; a series doesn’t have to be amazingly written or complexly complex, it just has to be fun and enjoyable, that’s the main thing to a good story, especially a shounen one). Well regardless of what happens, Fairy Tail is an amazing manga, it’s such a pleasure to read and I am so grateful to being able to read it (thank you Mashima-sensei!).

Fairy Tail Chapter 253 - Lets Join Hands

Together with each, our hands joined and hearts connected, there is nothing left to fear, we won’t give up, for we are Fairy Tail!

The end of the Tenrou Island Arc was great, I was expecting Team Natsu to defeat Hades (though I was also prepared in him defeating them and awakening Zeref to give the Arc a “dark twist”) but the way it unfolded was so awesome and Fairy Tail-like (which is in itself an incredible thing). Team Natsu down on magic power, yet rising up together launching their final attacks on Hades – the way Wendy, Lucy, Gray and Erza launched Natsu at Hades was so epic. Ultimately it may have been coincidence that un-did Hades (Happy and Charla destroying his “heart”), but the spirit of Fairy Tail fueling their beaten and shaken bodies into motion played a major part in the end result.

Acnologia surprised me, I didn’t think it would be a Dragon, but that was awesome, I was hoping this arc would get a dark twist and that came in the form of Acnologia. Still the way Makarov held The Black Dragon off and the rest of Fairy Tail returning to stand together against their inevitable destruction was incredibly awesome. Faith and bonds were always used as sources of power for characters in Fairy Tail, but unlike those times, it was really pushed forward in this moment (and in this arc in particular). This Tenrou Island Arc expressed just how much those intangible concepts mean in the story. In that moment when everything turned to nothingness, Fairy Tail embraced itself (and what type of story it is), it emerged from its cocoon and spread it’s wings taking flight towards the path Fairy Tail will be taking. The timeskip really did come at an appropriate and relevant moment.

The timeskip, what an interesting way of handling a timeskip; it’s a timeskip, yet it isn’t…it’s such a fascinating development. Seven years have passed, but Natsu and the other core Fairy Tail members who were on Tenrou Island haven’t changed, they were but asleep for a moment made up of seven frozen years. Unchanged characters in a changed world, it makes for an interesting set up for the future of Fairy Tail (especially the new arc) and with the way Mashima-sensei has been handling Fairy Tail, it’s makes for compelling reading. Plus I love how background characters in Fairy Tail are getting some coverage and focus in this new arc.

Fairy Tail Chapter 255 - Fairy Tail back home again

After seven frozen years, Team Tenrou of Fairy Tail are back home

The development of what happened to Lucy’s father had me in tears, it was so sad he never got to meet Lucy again and Lucy never got to meet him again after their relationship began to improve. It’s too sad, especially when Lucy’s father sent her letters and a present every year for her birthday for those seven years, he really loved her a lot; tears of happiness and sadness streamed down my face as Lucy read the letter he sent her expressing his love for her (chapter 257). Those lost seven years that will never come back, yet through time and death the feelings of a father reached his daughter and I believe the feelings of Lucy will reach her father even through death (“tears water the “seeds” of the heart” huh Mashima-sensei, how poetic and romantic).

Didn’t expect the magic power of every guild to rise so much in seven years that they would outclass Team Natsu’s magic power but it’s interesting, it conveys just how much Mashima-sensei thought about the timeskip before he wrote it into Fairy Tail. The Grand Magic Games was an exciting development – yay Fairy Tails new tournament arc – especially since the S-Class Advancement Exam was interrupted half-way. Now that I think about it, it’s actually a really smart move to start off a post-timeskip arc with a tournament arc, especially when it allows you to bring in all or most old characters and new characters in one location for one major event and introduce/reintroduce them in one go. It saves time from beating around the bush introducing all the old characters after the timeskip one at a time. The world itself is a different matter, I do wonder what could have changed in seven years =/ and for that reason I don’t blame Gildarts for wanting to go on a journey and see this changed world (lol at his orders as Guild Master =P).

The Celestial Spirit World was awesome, I’ve been really interested in that realm since it was introduced so getting to see what it’s like is great. Love how the Celestial Spirits totally adore and care for Lucy that they would summon her to their realm, the first human they allowed. The song at the end of chapter 262 was great, but lol the time flow difference development was hilarious – 1 day in the Celestial Spirit World = 3 months in the Human World; so that means if 7 years passed in the Human World, than only 28 days passed in the Celestial Spirit World =D.

Fairy Tail Chapter 263 - Crime Sorciere

Thanks goodness I wasn’t reading this in a public place, ’cause as soon I seen this, I let out a fanboy scream (or should I call it a shout =/) that would rival even fangirl screams, kyaa!!

Crime Sorciere, OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! Thank you so so so so so so very much Mashima-sensei!! One of my wishes for Fairy Tail were brought into reality!!!!!! When Ultear and Meredy left Tenrou Island, a certain thought crossed my mind – “hmmm, wouldn’t it be great if Ultear and Meredy broke Jellal out of prison and they joined up together…nah, that won’t possibly happen, silly Syphin, stop dreaming…” – ah, to think that it ACTUALLY came to be, wow oh wow, I’m so excited, but my excitement didn’t stop there, it reached the point of exploding that I probably would have fainted if I ended up getting more excited.

The Jellal and Erza development in chapter 264 is what caused my excitement to reach exploding point. Now Erza is my favourite character in Fairy Tail, and I strongly, super super strongly support the Erza and Jellal relationship. Ever since what happened at the end of the Oración Seis Arc I’ve wanted to see Erza and Jellal together because they bring out a side in each other that no other person can (they are so cute around each other) and they genuinely care a lot about one another, so much so that it is love. Ah how I looked forward to a moment like this, a moment when the Erza and Jellal relationship develops (Mashima-sensei knows what his fans want!). This scene here, wow, it left me so happy, when the flashback panels appeared and their lips started nearing each other, I was willing them on – “DO IIIIIITT!!!!!!”:

Fairy Tail Chapter 264 - Erza and Jellal - The Kiss Fairy Tail Chapter 264 - Erza and Jellal - The Kiss Fairy Tail Chapter 264 - Erza and Jellal - The Kiss Fairy Tail Chapter 264 - Erza and Jellal - The Kiss

^This scene is one of my favourite scenes in the Fairy Tail manga. And the chapter (264) along with chapter 263 are some of my favourite chapters in the Fairy Tail Manga (in my top 10). That scene and that chapter left me so happy. Amusing how Mashima-sensei teased with the readers feelings when he had Jellal lie about being engaged (I actually believed that! hahah), but glad it was only a lie in the end, those two really do make a good match. Also Ultear is interesting, I’ve grown to like her character a lot after the Tenrou Island incident, especially now that she has such a positive attitude – what can I say I love dark characters who change to see the light and begin to travel on the road of atonement. Meredy is also awesome, she’s so cheerful and happy now =). I wonder if Ultear has a thing for Gray, but I suppose Juvia takes up that space =/.

That quick power-up thanks to Ultear was nice, it got us straight into The Grand Magic Games festival. I was excited to have Natsu, Gray, Erza, Lucy and Wendy as the five in the Fairy Tail team but hahah little did I know at this point of how badass Fairy Tail really is =P. The team introductions were great, loved seeing all the old characters and new characters make an appearance, especially Raven Tail – Flare’s crazy eyes made me interested in her, crazy characters are always interesting, I can’t wait for her to appear in the anime and have a voice to her character.  Master Mavis appearing at the games was great, she is awesome (you know that when you see a character for the first time and you can instantaneously put a name to their image, than that is one great character design – that’s what happened with Mavis when I first seen her in the current anime opening, I instantly thought Mavis Vermilion followed by “why didn’t the thought of Mavis being a female cross my mind, it makes so much sense?!”).

Fairy Tail Chapter 268 - Fairy Tail B Team

Ooohh! An Elite team indeed, all five of them are badasses

Fairy Tail B Team, oohhhhh!!!!!! What?! This caught me so off guard and by surprise, I did not expect this, no wonder Team Natsu were able to form their own team =D. Ah how completely awesome, Jellal as Mystogan is also there and so is Laxus, Mirajane, Gajeel and Juvia, ahhh I love this team and I love the A team! Ah I love Fairy Tail!! Sabertooth’s entrance was flashy, I’ll give them that, but Fairy Tail B Team totally overshadowed them.

The first challenge was pretty amusing, Fairy Tail A and B Teams at the bottom =P, sucks that Raven Tail is targeting them, but being underdogs makes for such good drama and story development. Wonder what Iwan is after – Fairy Tail’s annihilation? But it doesn’t seem like he knows Gajeel is a double agent actually working for Makarov and acting in his act of acting as a spy of Iwan’s in Fairy Tail. Wonder if this will come back to bite Iwan in the backside later on =/. Surprising Iwan didn’t take notice of Laxus when he came out with Gajeel, some father Iwan is O.o.

Fairy Tail Chapter 269 - The 8 Finalist Teams in the Grand Magic Games Fairy Tail Chapter 269 - The 8 Finalist Teams in the Grand Magic Games

Lucy vs Flare was great, didn’t expect to have that crazy eyed Raven Tail beauty in action so soon, but man is she twisted; her “blondie” nickname for Lucy was weird, but her sadistic nature was on a whole different level of weird, it was just sad. Flare Corona has such a distinctive look, her deranged look is strangely appealing and has a certain charm to it. A shame Lucy was cheated out of a win, she really worked hard for it and she was really awesome in that fight, it’s sad but glad Natsu cheered her up causing her to say his catch phrase – “I’m all fired up”, that was awesome Lucy. And Natsu is completely right, Fairy Tail A Team having zero points now makes the Grand Magic Games that much more exciting and interesting, especially when Fairy Tail manage to turn the tide of battle.

Fairy Tail Chapter 272 - Lucy

Fairy Tail is an awesome guild

Mashima-sensei really is treating the readers to great fights; Mystogan (Jellal) vs Jura, two badasses and monsters battling it out. The fight was great and had an amusing end to it (nice one Ultear, hahah =P). As expected Jura is powerful, but I still think Jellal could have won if he wasn’t chained by his status as a fugitive. Jellal did try to go all out, but love how Ultear prevented him from doing so with Meredy’s Maguilty Sense Magic – hahah chili pepper’s and tickling, poor Meredy and poor Jellal, he seemingly randomly collapsed for no reason to everyone else watching the match =P. Ultear really has lightened up, it’s great. Fairy Tail A and B Teams end day one with 0 and 1 point respectively lol.

Knight Squadron Chief Arcadios, so his the bad guy of this arc and his following Lord Zeref. So Zeref is behind The Grand Magic Games or at least one of his subordinates is, and it is set up to draw in magic from the strong fighters present during each years competition in order to awaken something, well cause some “fruit” to “ripen”? It’s mysterious and ominous and coupled with Charla’s premonition, things are developing into a tragic future – why does Lucy end up singing in the middle of the collapsing Mercurius Castle? Tears are streaming down her face and the one who records this future event is Levy and she dedicates it to her beloved Lucy, does this mean Lucy is going to disappear or be the victim of something tragic? Lucy is the type that will sacrifice her life to protect her loved ones, just what is Lucy trying to protect in that future scene?

The King of Fiore, lol what a loose guy when if comes to choosing the battles for the Grand Magic Games; he wants Bacchus against the one from Fairy Tail who transforms – does he mean Erza? or Elfman? or Mirajane? A shame the King is oblivious to the plots of Arcadios but it will be interesting to see what Arcadios is on about, what is the thing in question he is talking about, a fruit? A demon in its lava stage? A dragon?

Fairy Tail Chapter 275 - Bacchus of Quatro Cerberus

“You spirit is always…WILD…OOOOOOHHH!!” – love it

Bacchus huh? I thought the Quatro Cerberus were a weak team (I still love their catch-phrase – “your soul/spirit is always WILD…OOOOOHH!!!”), but looks like their representing team were quite misleading, I wonder what other guilds are like that =/. It’s pretty awesome, actually really awesome that Bacchus uses some form of Drunken Fist style. Ever since watching Jackie Chan in the Drunken Master movie, I’ve been fascinated by the style, it’s a perplexing and dangerous style. I wonder if Bacchus and Erza will end up battling against each other, ah if so it should be good. Erza is awesome, but I wonder how she dealt with the Drunken Falcon’s fighting style before, does she have a special armour for such an opponent? Though it would be great if Cana joins the fray and ends up battling against him to restore her pride (he took her bra as a trophy for winning the drinking contest, that fiend!), round two baby!

Ah, I am so excited for this arc, so many great and thrilling situations are developing. The whole set-up from the Tenrou Island Arc to this arc flows so smoothly and shines through; the Tenrou Island Arc made you come to love the Fairy Tail members as they participated in the S-Class Advancement Exam in pairs and then gave their all to defend Tenrou Island together. After falling in love with Fairy Tail and their bonds, we are sent into the Grand Magic Games where Fairy Tail as a whole competes against other top guilds in Fiore for the number one guild spot in the Fiore Kingdom.

Fairy Tail has been enjoyable, fun and compelling to read, exactly what a great shounen title needs to be. But even more amazing is the love flowing out from Fairy Tail, you can easily tell just how much love Mashima-sensei is putting into Fairy Tail, it’s hard not to notice it, the passion Mashima-sensei has for his work, it’s as apparent as the images he draws on paper. Looking forward so much to the coming chapters and the future of Fairy Tail, Mashima-sensei has a lot more of his story to tell and a lot of his creative mind to express in this work and share with the world.

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3 Responses to Fairy Tail Chapter 246-275 – Reclaiming Number One

  1. boobie says:

    Fairy tail is great manga but the series needs more drama because as of now Fairy Tail/Natsu always wins his battles. It would be great if they lose in a while. And also, a death of someone will add good flavor to the story.

    • Syphin says:

      While I find there is a beauty in Fairy Tail’s simplicity, I do agree with you, more drama wouldn’t hurt the story, it would add a dimension that furthers it instead. I have accepted what type of story Fairy Tail is and I have been enjoying it tremendously subsequently, but I still do hope for that darker element that surprises me and makes me gasp at just how unexpected it is. Anyway, will have to wait on Mashima-sensei to see if he intends to introduce such an element in the story of Fairy Tail.

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