One Piece Chapter 660 – Complications

One Piece Chapter 660 - Super Stance

And that's only the tip of the iceburg, wait until you guys from G-5 see Luffy =P

Complications is an understatement, the can of worms just exploded with the “Strawhats”, Trafalgar Law and Smoker + G-5 meeting each other. The G-5 Marine expressed what all the readers were thinking – this Island is weird! And it’s no surprise those Marines were overwhelmed, all the strange things that showed up or occurred in the this arc has a way of overwhelming you.  Interesting how Law was surprised to see the Strawhats, it implies he is not exactly in the know about what is going on around this Island.  But whats more interesting is the Law vs Smoker showdown that is about to take place (unless something happens to spoil this match-up).

One Piece Chapter 660 - The disease lie

Oh Chopper, that was hilarious

So the kids were abducted – LOL at Chopper’s comment on the disease being so serious, that the kids were taken by people they never met without being able to see their parents, hahah, this gave me a very good laugh, nice one Chopper! And nice response Nami!

That room with the frozen corpses – are they the prisoners from level 6 Impel Down or Buggy’s crew members, either way, they certainly do look like prisoners from Impel Down. It’s interesting that they were frozen, it does make me wonder if the Aokiji vs Akainu fight was a totally fair one. While Aokiji was busy freezing these prisoners which threaten the safety of the world, Akainu took advantage of the moment to gain an upper hand over Aokiji and eventually win. Or did Akainu himself bring these prisoners with him to distract Aokiji and create an opening for him to gain the upper hand which eventually resulted in his win? I wouldn’t put it past Akainu to use underhanded methods for his so called “absolute justice” (hah!).

One Piece Chapter 660 - Frozen People

They look like prisoners from Impel Down to me..

That Samurai is so hilarious, I love how he is so “anti-pirate” yet still open to the idea of them helping him. He is cocky, but the way it drives Sanji mad is just too funny and the fact that the Samurai knows this and continues to take advantage of him makes it even more hilarious – hahah Sanji, can’t wait for what you’ll do to him when he gets his body back =P.

One Piece Chapter 660 - Samurai

This Samurai is awesome

Law never met Smoker before, so he doesn’t know how stubborn and rebellious Smoker really is. If he assumes Smoker is like any other Vice-Admiral, he would be underestimating Smoker severely, but that all became pointless when the Strawhats showed up =P. That lie/excuse Law gave Smoker would’ve never flown,  Smoker wanted to see inside the Research Facility and that’s what he would’ve done, unless he was forcefully prevented from doing so.

Still so unbelievably hilarious the way Chopper and Sanji dropped defamatory labels on Law and Smoker respectively in all the commotion and randomness – Chopper calling Law “a fiend” and accusing him of kidnapping the children, and Sanji calling Smoker “an atrocious villain” (it was so good, especially the way Sanji called Tashigi, “the lovely lady”, hahah too hilarious).

One Piece Chapter 660 - Strawhats

Oh dear, I couldn't stop laughing for a while after this scene =P

The whole shock moment amplified the hilarity of the situation; the Marines, Smoker, Tashigi and Law were so shocked and speechless by what happened, they couldn’t do anything as the Strawhats retreated back into the Research Facility. Only after several seconds of comprehending what just happened did they minds react to the situation =P.

Interesting that Law is stopping the Marines there, there must be something he doesn’t want the Marines to see inside the Research Facility – the Strawhats sure did bring him A LOT of trouble (hahah, I love it when the Strawhats do this). Law does seem to have grown stronger with using his ability (from what I’ve seen and am seeing), so it should  be interesting this Law vs Smoker, Tashigi and G-5 fight. Smoker is tough opponent, but I am interested in what Tashigi is capable of doing now (she doesn’t need her glasses anymore?). She trained over the two-year timeskip and has likely grown significantly stronger. I also do think that the scar across Smoker’s right eye and forehead was given to him by Tashigi when they were sparring. This would signify that she learned to use Haki in her attacks and is able to cut Logia Devil Fruit users.

One Piece Chapter 660 - Law's Room: Tact ability

Room: Tact huh? Awesome ability. Just what exactly is Law doing on this Island?

Will  be good to see how this battle will turn out, unless someone like Luffy arrives and ends up stopping it as he is chased by the Centaur people =P. Smoker will definitely learn something about the Aokiji vs Akainu fight two years ago, so am looking forward to seeing what exactly happened in that battle two years ago and why exactly did Aokiji quit the Marines? And while I didn’t mind it this week, I really hope we get to see what happened with Luffy’s group next week, I’m dying to know who those Centaur people are! Epic chapter this week, looking forward to the next chapter.

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