Naruto Chapter 578 – The Weakness Of The Edo Tensei Jutsu

Naruto Chapter 578 - Itachi - coloured by KushinaStefy (

"Every jutsu has a weakness. This jutsu's weak point and risk...IS ME!" - coloured by KushinaStefy (

And here I was wondering what exactly Itachi would say the weakness of the Edo Tensei jutsu is…what a legendary badass Itachi. Just like Kabuto was, I was totally caught me off guard because that response was so TRUE! Itachi IS the weakness of the Edo Tensei jutsu which Kabuto has been boasting about so proudly since the start of this Fourth Shinobi World War Arc when he activated it. And the Itachi and Sasuke team-up, how awesome is that? I’m starting to like Sasuke more and more this Arc; now that he has met Itachi, he is really acting different than his usual “dark” self which wants to destroy everything. He is seeking answers now, answers that will help him understand himself and exactly what he wants or at the very least point him in the direction in which to look.

Sasuke’s uncertainty and dubiousness have been highlighted in the past few chapters. The reason he is seeking answers from Itachi is because he is unsure in himself and doesn’t know what exactly to do, let alone what exactly he wants. Sasuke may have thrown himself willingly into the darkness but it doesn’t appear that has been completely engulfed yet, there is still the Sasuke that remembers the world outside the darkness present in him. And currently the Sasuke that loves his big brother Itachi seems to be apparent in Sasuke now.

Naruto Chaper 578 - Itachi and Sasuke team-up

Oh, what a surprising development, and an awesome one to boot - Itachi and Sasuke team-up!

Love the ending where Itachi resolves to keep his promise to Sasuke reasoning it as his nature of not keeping his promises to Sasuke disappearing when his life did =P. The two brothers now stand to face the enigmatic Kabuto, just what does Kabuto have up his sleeve (literally as well as figuratively)? What methods does he (and Orochimaru) have in place to combat the Sharingan and Mangekyo Sharingan? And how much “power” did Orochimaru’s chakra from Anko give Kabuto?

Naruto Chaper 578 - Tsunade

That caught you by surprise didn't it Madara?! You've been underestimating your opponents a bit too much lately

TSUNADE!!!!! Yeah!! Way to go shocking (and impressing?) Madara with your Medical Jutsus, he must be eating some his words already with what you’ve shown him so far. Still the 5 vs 1 development was hilarious, amusing how Madara turned that on it’s head and summoned 25(?) Mokuton Bunshins to make it 5 vs 1 – 5 Mokuton Bunshins vs 1 Kage that is =P. For a serious Shinobi like Madara, he surprisingly does have a sense of humour even if twisted – I wonder if Hashirama fought him like this back in the past.

Naruto Chapter 578 - Tajuu Mokuton Bunshin no Jutsu

Madara is quite the amusing guy, what a spin he put on the "5 vs 1"

Anko, she is still alive but unconscious at the moment, I wonder if she will have some part to play in stopping the Edo Tensei jutsu or Kabuto in the coming chapters O.o.  Anyway the Kabuto vs Uchiha brothers should be interesting, just how does Kabuto plan to combat two Mangekyo Sharingans (Sasuke has his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan)? Looking forward to the coming chapters.

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