One Piece Chapter 659 – *Knock Knock

One Piece Chapter 659 - Shichibukai Trafalgar Law

Dun dun dun

Wow!! Even though I expected to see Trafalgar Law this arc and accepted the fact that he could be the Shichibukai being referred to by the Samurai, I’m still completely shocked that Law is in fact on the Island and is a Shichibukai! The question “WHY” pops up boldly in my mind, just what is Law thinking, what is his plan? Why become a Shichibukai? Why is he on the Island? No doubt Law thought long and hard about his plan to become Pirate King after meeting Luffy and saving his life, so it’s obvious he has some sort of plan and becoming a Shichibukai may just have provided him with the platform necessary to jump off towards his goal of obtaining One Piece and becoming the Pirate King.

Loved the title of this chapter – “About My Torso”, there was just something about speaking about a part of your body in a personal sense as if it were something separate, it sounded weird yet in the context of the current story it sounded so very proper =P. Disco being on the cover page with knives driven in Luffy, Kidd, Law and Zoro’s wanted posters was also hilarious – poor guy hahah, he lost it all after the Strawhats paid his Auction House a visit, he certainly didn’t have a pleasant two years =P.

One Piece Chapter 659 - Smoker smoking

Cigars in the gas mask, oh Smoker...=P

This chapter was awesome, love the little gems of humours Oda adds to his chapters; like Smoker smoking his cigars through the gas mask and Robin imagining Usopp and Zoro carrying Luffy and her across the river (this is very hilarious, I amused me a lot).

One Piece Chapter 659 - Robin's imagination

Oh Robin, that was awesome

Usopp was pretty awesome with his banana boat and his boasting =P, but those Centaurs caught my interest, guess this was the group which contacted Luffy at the start of the arc. Just when the Centaurs and their boss were going to be revealed from the shadows and when my excitement was reaching critical limits, Oda switches the scenes – AHHHH!!!!! Nooooooo!! Who is the boss?!! He reminds me of Brownbeard =P, but I’m pretty sure it’s someone new. Still who exactly is this group of Centaurs? The parents of the children held in the research facility? So cruel of Oda, he reveals of the outlines of the Centaur group but leaves revealing them fully until next chapter, will be looking forward to next chapter than =P.

One Piece Chapter 659 - Centaurs

How mysterious, I can see you but I can't

Sanji sure sealed the options those Masked guys had quickly – no mask = no poison gas guns!! Nice work Sanji! And is it just me or do those masked guys, now unmasked guys look like Merry from Usopp’s home village? Well the horns aren’t exact, but Merry does have horns like these guys here. Well regardless, these PH guys, are their horns due to experiments or the chemical exposure on the Island? Or is just their normal look?

Brook, hahah, hahaha, ahahahahahah, sorry I couldn’t help it, he is just too funny and amusing to watch. Acting all scared yet keeping up with the skilled Samurai, matching him move for move, it was awesome and entertaining. Hilarious how he ran away after being grossed out by it – not everyday you come face to fac-..errr…face to tors-…hmmm…skull to torso with a headless and legless body.

One Piece Chapter 659 - Brook vs the Samurai Torso

The headless legless Samurai Torso!!

So “M” is a gas, he looked like some liquid or spaghetti/pasta substance last chapter. Or does “M” possess the ability to change his form to gas, liquid and solid? I’m really curious in the story behind “M”, s/he is such a weird and interesting existence.

Smoker ringing the doorbell!!! What a considerate guy! Garp and Smoker really are the two badasses in the Marines. Still shocked to see Law even after having expected it, a new bottle of worms really has been opened now. What happened to Law during these years? And these 100 pirate hearts he sent to the Marine HQ to become a Shichibukai, were they exaggarated or is it all true? How weird and creepy – sending 100 pirate hearts to HQ…I wonder why Jinbe didn’t mention Law being a Shichibukai to Luffy O.o.

One Piece Chapter 659 - Smoker and Law

What a hearty guy Trafalgar Law!

These “frozen people” the kids mentioned last chapter, were they people frozen by Aokiji? If so than their were people on this Island prior to the battle between Aokiji and Akainu. If heating this Island could have excitement some of the dormant chemicals and caused them to activate again and mix with the air, than the people who were on the Island were at risk. Did Aokiji turn his attention to the people, freezing them to prevent them from breathing in the chemical gas and did Akainu take advantage of this (not one to care about people if it conflicts with his justice) to gain the upper hand over Aokiji and defeat him. This could also explain why Aokiji left the Marines if Akainu went as far as sacrificing innocent lives to achieve his “absolute justice”.

Looking forward to next weeks chapter and the chapters after that, curious to know just what is happening on Punk Hazard and just what exactly happened during the two year timeskip – we’ll get piece by piece as Luffy and Co. journey through the New World, but that fine, even these few small pieces of information that will be revealed this arc is extremely intriguing.

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