One Piece Chapter 658 – Within The Shadow

One Piece Chapter 658 - Nami to the rescue - colour by DEIVISCC (

NAMI!! - colour by DEIVISCC (

Man Nami was awesome this chapter, a pirate with a big heart!! It really is tragic the situation those kids are in, it seems like they were tricked by this Punk Hazard group and are now being locked up in this facility for some purpose. Kids being torn away from their family, how cruel, just what is this Punk Hazard group intending to do with these kids? Experiments? They don’t seem directly connected to the World Government, are they some “shadow organisation” within the World Government that few are privy to know about with the purpose of conducting experiments and/or research behind closed doors that the general public would find unethical or morally wrong? Well whatever this organisation is, Nami has taken it upon herself, with Sanji, Chopper and Franky following, to save those kids from the unfortunate circumstance they ended up in.

One Piece Chapter 658 - The incident two years ago

The incident two years ago - Aokiji vs Akainu

So this WAS the Island where Aokiji and Akainu fought…I ended up complicating things by thinking up theories like Punk Hazard actually being the Northern Continent, guess my first reaction to the contrasting climates on the Island was the correct one =P. Will be cool to learn more about this massive incident that took place two years ago – just how intense was the battle if it lasted ten straight days and changed the whole climate of the Island! Will be interesting to find out if this Punk Hazard organisation only set-up operations after the Aokiji vs Akainu incident or if they had already operations ongoing before the battle – did they think nobody would visit the Island which Aokiji and Akainu fought on?

One Piece Chapter 658 - "M"

So thats "M", what an intriguing form s/he has

Also what is this failed experiment of Vegapunks? What crazy research and experiments was he conducting four years ago and do these hybrid beings/mythical creatures have anything to do with it? A birdwoman and centaurs, were they products of Vegapunk’s research or the current organisation’s research? That “M” character certainly does seem to have a few secrets of his/her own, like why s/he has the form of some goo-like substance? Failed experiment? A Devil Fruit? And why are Giant kids and other kids needed?

One Piece Chapter 658 - The birdwoman

So this harpy like person acts as a scout?

Back to the birdwoman, who was she conversing with? And those four intruders being referred too, I don’t think they were talking about the Strawhats. At the time, Luffy and company weren’t engaged in battle with the Centaurs yet and those Masked Suit guys after Sanji and Co. didn’t seem to communicate with anyone outside the facility. Also to be really precise; Luffy and Sanji’s group both contain five people each, not four – the pair of legs and severed head are people too!! I’m going to take that the “four intruders” the voice on the other end of the Den Den Mushi was referring to was in fact characters other than the Strawhats. The fact that there is more than one boat docked on the frozen side of the Island (I see three ships) does indicate that there are more groups on the Island that haven’t been revealed yet – like that Shichibukai. Those ships could belong to the Punk Hazard guys but it could also belong to other groups/crews.

One Piece Chapter 658 - Punk Hazard facility

Ah Brook, be careful of the BONE-chilling winds!!

Usopp did find a Den Den Mushi with “CC” on it carried by the Centaurs and it did look like the Den Den Mushi the Birdwoman was using had “CC” on it as well. So does this mean that this “CC” group is a group full of hybrids? Half-human/half-animal people? Luffy is going to be overjoyed it that’s the case =P.

I have been curious since the title (I enjoyed that Perona cover a lot, thank you Oda-sensei), but who is Biscuit? Why is the room the kids are kept in called “Biscuits Room”? Is one of the children called Biscuit? And this “Frozen people” the kids talked about, what were they getting at? Still beyond all these questions, it was hilarious how the boys were in awe at Franky and his robot awesomeness.

From the way the Samurai spoke about his son, Momonosuke, it does seem like his son is young and just a small child – was he kidnapped too by this Punk Hazard group? If that is so, than is the pair of legs that is with Luffy really the pair of legs belonging to this Samurai?

Looking forward to Smoker getting on the Island and realising whats been going on; he certainly is a man who doesn’t like things being left in the dark and unturned. This arc also looking to expand on the Aokiji vs Akainu fight and potentially reveal some information on the fascinating and enigmatic genius Doctor Vegapunk. If so, I’m REALLY looking forward to this arc than, not much has been revealed about Vegapunk and his research and he has always been kept in the shadows of One Piece so far.

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