Bleach Chapter 483 – Echoes Of The End

Bleach Chapter 483 - Yamamoto Genryuusai

Ohhhhhhhhhh YEAH! How badass Yamamoto Genryuusai

Now that was an enjoyable Bleach chapter; badass Ichigo and Soul Society in crisis, how exciting. I was not expecting it, but Ichigo has become quite the thinker in battle, analyzing his opponent and noticing the strangeness in his actions – I guess his training with the Fullbringers helped after all.

Wow did Lieutenant Sasakibe just die that chapter? He was barely covered throughout the story of Bleach, but still…wow, that was quite the brutal end he had – I was expecting a sword slash, but a gigantic sword impaling his whole body, those guys certainly do like to make a statement.

Hilarious how Yamamoto Genryuusai replied to the comment about the lax security – definitely one of the classic lines in Bleach in my opinion, it made me tingle with excitement and awe (especially when it echoed what the cover page stated – “I am here”).

Ichigo analyzing his opponent was great, this was lacking last arc where Ichigo was manipulated and trolled by Tsukishima and Ginjou. When Ichigo is brimming with confidence, he can be so badass. I’m intrigued by what Ivan was planning to do to Ichigo’s Bankai – suck it up? seal it? change it? Whatever Ivan had planned, Ichigo backhanded it shattering whatever those pillars of light were and followed it up by the ever so reliable and memorable Getsuga Tensho! Curious to learn where Ivan learned of Ichigo from and why he was so surprised by the power Ichigo was packing – did he not get the memo about Ichigo powering up last arc? (Still Ivan’s crazy face was quite the shock, it did send a jolt of terror up my spine the first time I seen it =P).

Bleach Chapter 483 - Kurosaki Ichigo

I love it when Ichigo has those eyes

I should also add the progression from the Ichigo/Ivan scene to the next was great – using of the motion of the Getsuga Tensho to than flow on to the scene of Sasakibe getting impaled. I will admit I was confused at first, I had thought that Ichigo trashed Ivan so badly, his Getsuga Tensho knocked Ivan right into Yamamoto Genryuusai’s room in Soul Society, but when logic regained it’s place in my mind, I realised what had taken place =P.

Anyway it’s interesting to learn that these Quincy have an ability/tool on hand to combat the Shinigami’s Bankai. Will be exciting to see how that impacts on future battles against the Shinigami, just how prepared are “The Vandenreich”? And do they really have the means to defeat the strongest Shinigami in Gotei 13 let alone battle him on an equal level? This should be something to see.

Bleach Chapter 483 - The Beginning of the End

And with that, the end echoes in...

The countdown has started and with 5 days the time limit, just what sort of craziness is going to be unleashed during that time? And how exactly do they plan to deal with the Gotei 13 and all other challenges that threaten their plan?

And yeah the colour page this chapter was awesome – Ichigo’s hoodie jacket really is cool, love the hollow mask effect Kubo gave it =).

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