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The X Factor (US) Finale

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The X Factor USA Finale

The X Factor USA Finale

Well now that was one intense episode. While I didn’t watch the full episode (a shame it doesn’t air in Australia, at least I watched most of the season when I was in New Zealand), I youtubed the important bits =). It was great seeing all the contestants again in that opening song.


Congratulations to Melanie Amaro, she definitely has one amazing voice; powerful, uplifting and inspiring. Looking forward to seeing and listening to the music she brings out in the future – she really has such a good voice. The same goes for all the The X Factor contestants that furthers their music careers.

The song Melanie and Josh sang (“We Can Be Heroes”) was amazing. Josh was a graceful runner-up, he was so close to winning, but regardless, he is still a great great singer and song writer. Chris Rene as well, this competition wasn’t all about winning for him, a large part was to just envelop himself in his music and find himself and from watching the season, it really is apparent the amount he has grown and matured.

The X Factor (US) has been amazing, looking forward to the next season next year =P.

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