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The X Factor (US) (Season 1/Episode 25)

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The X Factor (US) - The Final Three

The Final Three (left to right); Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro, and Josh Krajcik

It’s almost time for the climatic conclusion of this great show (what can I say, I’ve been captured and inpsired by this show) and to find out just who the American viewers voted for to win the competition. The prelude to the final show-cased the final three contestants performing twice to impress the viewers.

The episode also featured Alanis Morisette who performed with Josh Krajcik, Avril Laigne who performed with Chris Rene, and R. Kelly who performed with Melonie Amaro.

Josh Krajcik & Alanis Morisette:

Chris Rene & Avril Lavigne:

Melanie Amaro & R. Kelly:

Michael Jackson ‘Immortal’ Tribute:

Josh Krajcik:

Chris Rene:

Melanie Amaro:


Glad The X Factor (US) is returning for a second season next year. While I haven’t watched any other countries X Factor before this, the US one has really grown on me. Being moved by certain contestants and forming a bond through them and their stories and being moved by their music, performances and growth; The X Factor has really become one great and inspiring show to me.

No matter whom of the final three win, I love them all (still CHRIS RENE!! He isn’t the best singer, but is the one contestant who understands the weight of the heart, and I’ve come to really like him).

Looking forward to the climatic finale.

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