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Hunter X Hunter (2011) Anime

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Hunter X Hunter - Hunters

Hunter X Hunter Anime (I recognise them!)

So I watched the episodes of Hunter X Hunter that are out so far (episodes 1-11) and it’s enjoyable. Some parts of the manga have been left out to speed out the coverage of the material, but the parts that were left out weren’t that important to the overall Hunter X Hunter story. Since I haven’t watched the old Hunter X Hunter anime before this is the first time I’ve seen the material animated and it’s great.

Gon’s voice was weird at first but I’m used to it now and what I had initially thought sounded too childish matches Gon’s character quite a bit now.

The anime really kicks off in episode 4 when the Hunters enter the Swindlers Swamp and the real challenge to the Hunters begin. Once the action starts you are caught up the Hunter X Hunter flow =).

Enjoyed seeing two of my favourite Hunter X Hunter characters animated (Hisoka and Kurapika) and how great it is to have Miyuki Sawashiro voicing Kurapika, she is such a fantastic seiyuu, I never get tired of hearing her voice. And hahah, I remember this scene in the ending – Hisoka is so crazy, but I love him for that:

Hunter X Hunter - Hisoka

That smile and that stare, how intoxicating...

I was wondering how the level of gore in the manga will hold up in the anime and after watching episode 11 it has become apparent that the gore has lessened – Killua’s actions in the fight (slaughter more like) against Jones is less gruesome in the anime. Will be interesting to see how the other gory scenes in Hunter X Hunter will be censored, hopefully not too much.

Leorio is hilarious, the way he went about the majority vote battle was great. Even though I knew what was going to happen, it was enjoyable seeing the reactions he makes against his opponent – Leorio’s win-win situation was hilarious =P.

Hunter X Hunter - Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio

The cast of Hunter X Hunter

The anime so far has been great, Madhouse doing a great job with the adaptation, looking forward to more of the manga being adapted, especially the Yorknew City Arc. And yeah the ending song is good:

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