Bleach Unmasked – The Missing Pieces

Bleach - Tier Harribel Drawing

Harribel the Pirate Queen? Hmmmm...

I’m in shock…she is actually still alive!!! So clinging onto that small small hope that she was still alive actually paid off big time!! Ah Kubo, I was in a maelstrom of believing and doubting you on whether you would reveal she wasn’t dead, and it turns out that I was a fool to doubt you. The “she” I’m referring to is Tier Harribel. I’ve been wanting to make this entry for a while (months now…) – I found out about her still being alive early September but I ended up getting distracted and pushing writing (and drawing the picture) for later.

I didn’t want to believe that Harribel died, and I couldn’t until I seen her corpse or body turning to ash (ignorant until shot in the head!). I even ended up becoming a fan of the Harribel is Alive group on the deviantART site (way to live up to your name, yeah yeah! =D).

Hahah while it is sad that such a scene which would have taken a couple of pages in the manga wasn’t covered, got to love how Kubo adds such important information in the character books (and lol I only found out about this nearly 3 months after the UNMASKED Character book was released – wonder what information the other character books contain O.o).

Anyway the Unmasked Character book was great (got my translations at athakra), it reveals a lot of what I was wanting to know (the Nestle to Night story was awesome)  – like the fate of Hueco Mundo and the remaining Hollow. While it still leaves a veil of mystery over parts of the story (like Grimmjow’s fate), it reveals enough to satisfy me. Ah even after months, I’m still ecstatic that Harribel is still alive.

It’s unusually strange but before of the fact that Kubo seemingly killed off Harribel, I have actually come to like her character more. During the time of intense hoping and believing that Harribel was still alive, I ended up subconsciously bumping her up my list of favourite Bleach characters and ultimately as it stands now with finding out she is in fact ALIVE, she has become one of my favourite Bleach character…(along with Nel, Kisuke and Yoruichi).

Cool how Sung-Sun, Appaci and Mila Rose are also alive. Awesome how they suggested to Harribel that she become the ruler of Hueco Mundo now that Barragan is dead and Aizen gone, but the interesting part was Harribel’s response. “A fake sun cannot illuminate this darkness” – the more I think about what she said, the more I come to understand what she means, “Hueco Mundo has darkness…and only needs a peaceful darkness.” The nature of Hueco Mundo IS darkness, and Harribel realises just what needs to be done to attain the reality she seeks – a peaceful darkness huh? how poetic, such contrasting yet complimentary themes painting such a fascinating and wondrous image. I look forward to seeing what Kubo has in store for Hueco Mundo down the line in the Bleach story – I’m excited to find out what =P.

Ulquiorra’s story was quite awesome – so his second level of transformation is due to his blood and the clan he was in? I wonder why he was so different from the rest of his brothers and sisters =/. Nihilism, the cause of his suffering and the source of his strength, but in the end through all that nothingness, he found “heart”. Orihime revealed “something” in that void of “nothing” and ultimately caused him to feel something profound. The end of Ulquiorra really was amazingly done in the manga – I love how Kubo handled it, with Ulquiorra reaching for Orihime’s hand but fading to dust as he makes his realisation. Death, how enigmatic.

So the only Espada confirmed alive is Harribel. Grimmjow is most likely still kicking, but no confirmation yet =(. Wonder what Nel, Pesche and Dondochakka are up to.

Anyway, Harribel is ALIVE!!

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1 Response to Bleach Unmasked – The Missing Pieces

  1. ren92 says:

    I’m glad Harribel is alive. She didn’t get any closure tbh, and the way she was defeated was pathetic. I’m pretty sure Grimmjow was confirmed dead though. Kubo revealed it at the Jump Festa.

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