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Bleach Personality Quiz

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Bleach Cast - manga by Kubo Tite

Which are you?

Which Bleach character are you? Personality quiz:

Birthday is 12th of April 1980 → 1+9+8+0+4+12=25  →  2+5=7
7 and if your blood type is B, you are like Rukia

Bleach UNMASKED - Character Profile Part 1  Bleach UNMASKED - Character Profile Part 2

Bleach UNMASKED - Character Profile Part 3

Character profiles:
Group number 1
Izuru (AB)
知的好奇心が強い - Has strong intellectual curiosity
大器晩成 - Late bloomer, “Grate talents mature late”
組織で活躍 - Active in organization
努力家 - Hardworking person

Nanao (O)
一生懸命 – Tries as hard as one can
情が深い – Has deep emotions
おおらか - Composed, calm
現実的 – Realistic

Shinji (B)
楽天家 – Optimist, easy-going person
新しい物が好き – Likes new things
ユーモアがある – Has humour
好き嫌いが明確 - Has clear likes and dislikes

Ichigo (A)
真面目 – Serious, earnest
極端 - Extreme
遅咲き - Late bloomer
押しに弱い – Pushover

Group number 2
Tousen (AB)
頭の回転が速い – Quick thinker
合理主義 - Rationalism
観察力 - Observation ability
無駄が嫌い - Hates uselessness

Yachiru (O)
不正が嫌い - Hates injustice
行動的 – Is active
お喋り - Talkative
面倒見が良い – Very helpful

Kon (B)
おだてに弱い – Weak for flattery
お喋り - Talkative
自然体 - Relaxed
自信家 – Has a great faith in himself

Isshin (A)
おだてに弱い – Weak for flattery
お喋り - Talkative
素直 - Honest, obedient
誠実 – sincere, honest faithful

Group number 3
Nnoitra (AB)
ストレート - Straightforward
自分流 – Doing everything your own way
分析能力がある – Has an ability to analyse
二面性 – Two-faced nature

Harribel (O)
正義感 - Sense of justice
裏表がない – Isn’t two-faced
リーダー - Leader
ロマンチスト – Romantic

Starrk (B)
独断 – Dogmatic
自由 – Free
面倒見が良い – Very helpful
社交的 - Sociable

Hitsugaya (A)
正義感 - Sense of justice
ストレート - Straightforward
芯が強い - Strong core
純粋 – Pure, genuine

Group number 4
Urahara (AB)
駆け引き上手 – Skillful tactics
問題意識が強い – Has strong awareness of the issues
独自の発想 - Original ideas
協調性がある – Co-operative

Gin (O)
仲間意識が強い - Strong fellow feeling
負けず嫌い – Hates to lose
サポート役 – Supporting role
努力家 – Hardworking

Tensa Zangetsu (B)
切り替えが早い – Replaces fast
自然体 – Relaxed
サポート – Supports
隙間産業 - Good at catching opportunities

Renji (A)
協調性がある – Co-operative
優柔不断 - Indecisive
ノーと言えない – Can’t say no

Group number 5
Byakuya (AB)
目立つポジション – Standing out position
頭脳明晰 – being clearheaded; having a keen (sharp, brilliant) mind
客観的 - Objective
なんでもできる - Is able to do anything

Hollow Ichigo (O)
自己中心 - selfishness, egoism
いつも明るく – always cheerful/bright
目立つ存在 – Standing out existence
主役 – Leading role

Aizen (B)
自己中心 – Selfishness, egoism
目立つ人 – Standing out person
行動力 – Ability to take action, energy
発想力 - Power of idea

Hisagi (A)
器用 – Skillful, handy
真面目 – Serious, earnest
円満な人間関係 – Peaceful human relations
恋に燃え過ぎる - Gets too fired up in love

Group number 6
Hinamori (AB)
マイペース – Does things at her own pace
知的好奇心が旺盛 – Full of inquisitiveness
冷静な判断をする – Makes calm decisions
器用 – Skillful, handy

Nell (O)
正義の味方 – Supporter of justice
困難に立ち向かう – Fights against difficulties
仲間意識が高い – Fellow feeling is valuable
マイペース – Does things at her own pace

Yoruichi (B)
自由奔放 - Free and uncontrolled
フットワーク - Footwork
素早い – Quick
自信家 - Has a great confidence in herself

Grimmjow (A)
飽きっぽい - Gets bored easily
フットワーク - Footwork
逆境に燃える - Gets fired up in adversities
責任感がある – Has a sense of responsibility

Group number 7
Orihime (AB)
忍耐強い – Persevering, very patient
存在感がある - Has a strong presence
頭脳明晰 – Being clearheaded; having a keen (sharp, brilliant) mind
芸術の才能がある – Has talent for art

Omaeda (O)
実は負けず嫌い – Hates losing
仲間意 – Fellow feeling
努力家 - Hardworking
自分勝手 - Selfish

Rukia (B)
存在感がある - Has a strong presence
忍耐力がある – Has fortitude
暜投は温和 - Usually gentle
堅苦しい事が嫌い - Hates formal things

Ikkaku (A)
本質を見せない – Doesn’t show his true nature
忍耐強い – Persevering, very patient
信頼がある – Has confidence
陰の努力家 – Hardworker in the background

Group number 8
Mayuri (AB)
好き嫌いが激しい - Passionate about likes and dislikes
余計な一言 -  Does not say more than necessary
自信家 - Has a great confidence in himself
感性が異常 – Abnormal sense

Soifon (O)
真っすぐな性格 – Straightforward personality
自分勝手 – Selfish
左右される – Temperament
気分屋 - Moody

Rangiku (B)
お調子者 – Gets carried away easily
ワガママ – Selfishness, egoism
好き嫌いが激しい - Passionate about likes and dislikes
プラス思考 - Positive thinker

Kenpachi (A)
同じ事を繰り返す - Repeats same things
好き嫌いが激しい - Passionate about likes and dislikes
自分勝手 – Selfish
マイペース – Does things at his own pace

Group number 9
知識欲がある = Having desire/thirst for knowledge
完璧主義 = Perfectionism
駆け引き上手 = Skillful at tactics/strategy
頭の回転が速い = Intuitive/Sharp Instinct/Quick thinker

Hanataro (O)
Hanatarou: People around depend on him/her, doesn’t mope around, diligent, hates cheating

Ishida (B)
人任せにできない - Can’t leave it to others
クール – Cool
完璧主義 - perfectionism
反感を買う - Provokes antipathy

Chad (A)
クール – Cool
真任感が強い – Strong feeling of responsibility
働き者 – Hard working person
悲観主義 – Pessimist

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