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Hunter X Hunter (Manga)

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Hunter X Hunter cast

From left to right: Kurapika, Gon, Leorio, Killua

Once the new anime for Hunter X Hunter was announced I became more curious about it and decided to read the manga. It did take me a while to read (well catch up to the current chapters) but it definitely is one fantastic manga with some seriously great writing. It starts off very strong with one of the most entertaining arcs in the series – the Hunter Exam, and builds strongly from there. You rapidly become aware that Yoshihiro Togashi is extremely talented, the way he develops the story and incorporates the many elements he has within the arcs makes Hunter X Hunter very entertaining and a pleasure to read. Things aren’t so simple that you can guess what will happen next, and though it is a shounen manga (so obviously there is a level of predictability expected), you are left continually on the edge of your seat intensely curious as to what is going to happen next.

It’s addicting stuff Hunter X Hunter, once you enter the flow of Hunter X Hunter you are completely engrossed in its world. My current favourite arc is the Chimera Ant arc which Togashi recently finished – I absolutely love the end and how Togashi developed the King and Komugi. The fights and the way they were written in that arc make it pretty apparent that Hunter X Hunter has some of the best fights in Weekly Shounen Jump, if not the best fights (they were seriously exhilarating). The first half of the Chimera Ant arc may have felt more like a DBZ arc but once Komugi entered, I really do feel the arc became truly unique and its own. The way everything developed that arc, in such a untypical way, Hunter X Hunter really did feel like a manga that was more than just a shounen manga.

The writing in Hunter X Hunter is very high quality, sure Togashi did take frequent hiatus’s and gave himself more time for Hunter X Hunter during the last 8 years but it still takes serious talent to present a story in the way Hunter X Hunter is presented. All arcs have been very entertaining to read and the current arc (I won’t say what it’s called because it could potentially be a spoiler – well not could, it is…) is no different. The focus on Killua is great and the creativity overflowing from the last several chapters have been great (a certain characters ability =D).

Hunter X Hunter is easily a manga that I recommend MUST be read, and while I haven’t watched any of the current anime episodes or the old anime series (yet), I would also highly HIGHLY recommend them.

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