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Game Of Thrones Season One – Epic

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Game of Thrones - Poster

Winter is coming…

It would be a crime for Game of Thrones and epic not to be used in the same sentence, because that is basically what Game of Thrones is, epic; intensely and powerfully epic. Adult fantasy describes it well at it’s core, but there is a lot more going on. The story, characters and the Game of Thrones world are rich and all those elements come together magnificently in the series.

I haven’t read any of the novels so I didn’t know what to expect, all I knew before I started watching the series was that it was about different houses fighting for the throne and that the latest novel was called “A Dance with Dragons” (an advert for the novel came before the first episode of Game of Thrones =P).

Game of Thrones is seriously engrossing, you start to watch it and the next thing you know, it’s the end of the episode and like an uncontrollable addict, you want more, more, MOREEEEE!!!!!

The reason for the show being so absorbing is the intriguing and powerful story coupled with the dark and light themes of human nature and echoes of supernatural that lurk closely behind. The characters are without a doubt another highlight of the story and show, there are a lot of them, but they are handled with such care, you increasingly build serious interest in them and want to know just what is going to happen to them. Just like other stories you may follow, you will love some characters and like other characters and dislike some other characters, but what makes Game of Thrones so unique is the power behind the characters and how real the world and the consequences in it are.  My favourite characters from season one were Ned Stark, Arya Stark and Daenerys, oh yeah and the Direwolves!!

I personally was very surprised with how much the story developed in each episode and how fast things progressed. And this is also another reason why I believe the show is so engrossing, you are barely given any chance to turn your attention away from what is happening, before something else happens.

I will admit that some of the “adult” scenes in the series did sit uncomfortably with me. After watching the first two episodes, I was literally stunned, I was struggling to string together a thought…but within all that numbness and shock, a single thought surfaced…I couldn’t help but think “the only ‘decent’ people in this series (so far) are the Starks…everyone else would sell you out if a copper coin or whispers of power were involved…” It’s so real it’s scary. The allure of power beckons so strongly that the worth of everything else crumbles into darkness.

After the first two episodes I also was expecting more from the white walkers but they weren’t the main focus of the season and were only covered briefly in subsequent episodes (they seem to be more important next season, but this is only my guess O.o).

The political and psychological themes are handled and conveyed brilliantly. After seeing all the madness that goes on within the Kingdom, I’d rather hang around North of the Wall with the White Walkers – at least than you know who your enemies are…

Anyway Winter is coming and I am very intrigued as to what is going to happen…(the end of season one was great).

Also this intro for the series is very awesome (great music):

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