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Medaka Box and Kuroko no Basuke Anime

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JUMP issue #43 cover -Medaka Box and Kuroko no Basuke anime

Who been a long time since these two series have gotten the cover page in JUMP, but still Medaka Box and Kuroko no Basuke are getting anime =D!

It was announced the end of last month and even though I am a bit late, I still wanted to write a blog entry for this because I am extremely extremely excited about this! Medaka Box is awesome and it’s unconventional battle manga style it’s executed in I find very entertaining and enjoyable. I have been following Medaka Box since the beginning back in 2009 and I loved every chapter that came out (well I am biased, it is in my top three manga for top three Weekly Shonen JUMP series).

Medaka Box - cover

Medaka Box gets an anime adaptation!

Medaka Box started out something liek SKET Dance but due to low ratings, it went the battle manga route to draw in more readers and has been following a battle manga structure since, but it does it in an unconventional and totally amusing and entertaining way. NisiOisin has many great works (Bakemongatari, Katanamonogatari, Kizumonogatari – anime film green-lit, Nisemonogatari – anime TV series greenlit, SHAFT involved this time as well =D) and Medaka Box also one of those.

There are rumours that Gainax will be producing Medaka and if these rumours are true, I’d say Gainax would be a very fitting studio to handle it, because the character Kumagawa is practically screaming Gainax to animate Medaka Box. And if Gainax really do produce the Medaka Box anime, it would probably be because of Kumagawa. In my eyes he is practically what Shinji Ikari would have been if he was a bad guy =). So excited about this, Medaka Box is very very awesome. Also love Kurokami Medaka, along with Uzumaki Naruto, these two are my favourite JUMP heroes/heroines.

Kuroko no Basuke - color spread

Kuroko no Basuke anime green-lit

Also there has been a Kuroko no Basuke anime green-lit. I haven’t read the manga, but I hear it pretty good. But what caught my eye about this was the fact that Production I.G is producing the anime! I love Production I.G and any work they do does interest me a lot, so I will be checking out when the anime airs. It’s a basketball manga and takes on a more realistic approach than say compared to Eyeshield 21. Sport is fun and great, so should be a good anime to check out.

Hoping that Crunchyroll streams the Medaka Box and Kuroko no Basuke anime – it may likely not happen, but I’m hoping!

Lots of Weekly Shonen Jump series getting anime adaptations – ten series at the moment have animes airing (One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Gintama, Beelzebub, SKET Dance, Toriko, Nurarihyon no Mago (second season will end in December), Hunter X Hunter (2011), Bakuman season 2) and with Medaka Box and Kuroko no Basuke that will make two more =O!

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