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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (Part 2)

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Link and Zelda

Link and Zelda

Up to the Shadow Temple now. I did the chicken trick to get to the Bottom of the Well before I pulled out the Master Sword for the first time, so I don’t need to do that now for the Lens of Truth =P.

Still went back in time to complete the Happy Mask side quest – couldn’t find the Runner to sell him the Bunny Mask before so did that now and have now unlocked the Mask of Truth =D – yay I can finally read the minds of the “Gossip Stones”. Nice how the glitch that had the Deku Scrubs in the Forest Stage attack you (and not grant you the Deku Nut capacity upgrade) after you attained the Poacher’s Saw has been fixed in the 3DS version =).

The Temples so far in the Master Quest version have been heaps of fun, but there is one key thing that I have learned during my play-through of Forest, Fire and Water Temples – don’t attempted them when you are tired and sleepy!! Some of the puzzles in the Temples require you to think more than normal and while I was at the mercy of the sandman, where my thought capacity was slowly fading, I missed the obvious and failed to find a solution to the puzzle(s) before me…

…When I attempt them again while awake, I realised the simplicity 0f the puzzle when I actually thought about the possible solutions. Amusing and intriguing how fatigue and tiredness can hamper the mind’s thought process and restrict it to such an extent…

Still some of the Temple items are quite a challenge to find. It took me a long time to find one of the small keys in the Fire Temple – I already did everything to face the Boss but I wanted to collect all the Gold Skulltula’s in the Temple and I  needed that small key. Once I found it, I was pretty annoyed at how simple it was to find, but without knowing where it is, it was really hard…ah tricky tricky.

The Boss fights and mini-boss fights in the dungeons have been tons of fun and I loved fighting the Shadow-Link in the Water Temple =D.

The side quests are integrated so well in the Ocarina of Time, they aren’t bothersome or tiresome to do. And this is probably because they are not very long and because they are really fun to do. I am currently working on the side quest to acquire the Biggoron Sword (need to get some Eye drops from King Zora now =P). Also want to find all the Poe’s around Hyrule, but I can’t remember where all of them are =(.

Pretty amusing how I forgot about the purpose of the Scarecrow song when I had him memorize it when I was playing as younger Link and I randomly tapped the buttons, but luckily I was able to perform the Scarecrow song when I was Adult Link by randomly performing the notes again =P.

Anyway should go to the Shadow Temple soon and help Impa out.

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