Bleach Chapter 461 – The Results Of Change

Bleach Chapter 461 - Gotei 13 - by GTcolors (

Ichigo and his allies from Gotei 13 - by GTcolors (

Such a contrast in personality when Ichigo has power and when he doesn’t have power. When he has power, he is able to believe and push himself to defeat his opponent, but when he doesn’t, he just caves in as we’ve seen through this arc. Awesome to see Ichigo back and even being sarcastic when he missed Kuugo =P. Anyway turns out Kuugo will be a much more significant character in Bleach.

How interesting so that many people gave their reiatsu to transfer to Ichigo, and what surprised me the most was that Captain Commander Yamamoto ordered the Captains and Vice-Captains to give their reiatsu to the sword Kisuke made. I still expected Yamamoto to be entrenched in the rules and regulations of the Gotei 13, but it turns out even stubborn people like him can change, and it was because of Ichigo =D. I wonder how much Soul Society has changed since Ichigo defeated Aizen and saved them – I’m quite excited to see how much of an effect Ichigo had on them O.o. Didn’t expect Kisuke to ask such a request in that way, but it just reinforces how much of a friend he is to Ichigo.

Bleach Chapter 461 - the consequential change

The flow of change

Kuugo, well now, so he reveals his Fullbring form as well – he probably also has some Shinigami energy combined with it. Looks like he merged the power he stole from Ichigo with his own and this is the result, a pretty menacing figure. No surprise Kuugo is a Substitute Shinigami, apart from the fact that he is the first one. I was always curious why Kuugo knew so much about what Ichigo was going through, how exactly Ichigo was feeling and what exactly to do to get his power back. Turns out rather than a book on how to get your Shinigami powers back, he had first-hand experience (well I’m assuming he lost his Shinigami powers at one point in time).

Bleach Chapter 461 - Kuugo's Fullbring form

Kuugo Ginjou's new form

Will be intriguing to learn why Kuugo threw away his position and disappeared – what made him abandon being a Shinigami representative? There’s not much to go on now, but there are always assumptions and ungrounded theories that can be made – who knows maybe Kuugo became obsessed with power, or he was just unhappy with how Gotei 13 handles things =/. Either way, it will be nice to know how Kuugo became a Substitute Shinigami (he was the first one, so he must have made quite the impression on the Captain Commander at the time), how he got involved with the Fullbrings and just what the Fullbring’s real purpose is – are they actually being controlled by Tsukishima? And speaking of Tsukishima, where is he and the people he has affected with his Book of the End ability?And where did Yukio go off too? He didn’t seem to enter the house when Ichigo and Kuugo arrived at it =/?

Bleach Chapter 461 - Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho

Amazing illustrated scene

Artwork, while some of the panels had mostly white, overall is was really good. I especially like the full-page panel of Ichigo charging up his Getsuga Tensho and releasing it – that was very amazingly illustrated =). The final double page scene with Kuugo’s Fullbring form was really cool as well – what an intimidating figure he has there.

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