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Bleach Chapter 460 – The Full Moon Approaches

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Bleach Chapter 460 - Rukia kick - by amethystxamber (http://amethystxamber.deviantart.com)

About time someone knocked some sense into Ichigo! - by amethystxamber (http://amethystxamber.deviantart.com)

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this scene for a while, thank you Rukia, you managed to drag Ichigo out of the pitiful state he was in for the past 36 chapters. And it does seem the chapters filled with uneasiness and trolling are over and the point where Ichigo lays down a beating on someone is at hand (just like Aizen found out last arc). Poor Kuugo, he finally gets to see just what a REAL Getsuga Tensho is…but unfortunately for him, he is the target…I wonder if Kubo will have Kuugo die now, or will he lead this situation onto a whole new bigger situation ie. a new saga or arc? Well whatever happens, I am interested in finding out the answers to some of the questions I accumulated over the course of this arc O.o.

Bleach Chapter 460 - Rukia expressing herself to Ichigo

I've been waiting for this, for the "Rukia kick special"

Rukia, ah it was so good when you laid the truth out bare in front of Ichigo, because really, he was a dam sissy crying and being so easily manipulated and trolled. Just shameful indeed. Like a ray of light, you pierce through the doubt, despair and negativity beckoning Ichigo and like the warmth of the sun, you embrace his heart with kicks of love and [kind] harsh words =P. To the Ichigo who lost himself, you blew away the clouds of despair and revealed to him just who he really is, and that is someone who doesn’t look at his feet as tears stream down, but someone who stares straight forward as the world comes crashing down. His light, his friend, his partner, Rukia is back and so is Ichiiigoooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Let’s hope Hollow Ichigo is close by now, I miss him O.o, and lets all hope Ichigo never falls to this level of despair again, it truly was an uneasy and sad sight to behold…(ah I’m glad it’s over…I hope…O.o).

The fan-favourite Shinigami showing up was pretty badass. Maybe it’s just because the wind is blowing Renji’s hair in front of his shoulders, but he looks really cool in that pose and I can’t help but think of the Zabimaru [anime filler] spirit manifestation (the adult women) when I see him there. I love the manifested form of Zabimaru and I actually liked Renji more after the Zanpakutou Rebellion filler arc, so I’m all good with this Renji-with-longer-hair look (though, it would be nice if he kept his hair loose =P).

Bleach Chapter 460 - Shinigami Return by diabolumberto (http://diabolumberto.deviantart.com)

She really wasn't alone... - by diabolumberto (http://diabolumberto.deviantart.com)

Byakuya, Toshirou, Ikaku, Renji, Rukia, and Kenpachi, wow lots of fan favourite characters appearing this chapter. And I’m pretty confident that Yachiru is also there, because wherever Kenpachi is, she is not far behind (if not behind him that is =P). Ichigo sure is lucky, and if not for the beating Kuugo is asking for, Ichigo would probably be crying tears of joy, well that is until Rukia kicks him again =P.

Bleach Chapter 460 - Ichigo and Rukia

Indeed, Ichigo has already faced and overcome tons of despair

Also while it’s expected, it’s interesting that Kisuke knows about Tsukishima’s Book of the End Fullbring ability. It amazing as to how much Kisuke knows about the events in the Bleach world and how to combat against the situations that arise. Is there really anything that Kisuke doesn’t know? I’m sure he knows just what the purpose behind this arc is, and I hope he shares it with us soon, because I’m really curious as how this arc fits into the rest of Bleach, and how will things build on from here…

Lots of questions in need of answers and now that Ichigo has finally overcome the pits of despair and is in his groove again, I’m hoping Kubo will send some love towards the story and answer the questions burning in many readers minds which they have accumulated during this arc.

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