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Fairy Tail Anime – 3rd Year Confirmed


Fairy Tail OVA 02 - Team Natsu

Team Natsu

How awesome, Fairy Tail’s Anime will continue for a 3rd year this September beginning with the “Tenrōjima” story arc – the Tenrou Island arc which the manga is currently in (source: ANN).

Excited about this because Fairy Tail is awesome and in my opinion out of the shounen manga and anime which I read/watch the Fairy Tail anime compliments the manga much better than those other shounen anime/manga which I watch/read. Though I suppose if I read the Gintama manga, that may possibly be the best shounen anime which compliments the manga, but then again, that is only my assumption O.o.

One of the reasons why I think the Fairy Tail anime compliments the manga really well is because rather than just adapting the manga, it furthers it. It covers the story but it takes the character interactions and gags so much further that it makes you love the characters and story even more than when you read the manga =D. The character interactions when they are doing the short recap in the start of the episode or when they are previewing the next episode, all those little things go a long way in creating an immensely enjoyable experience when watching Fairy Tail (the voice acting helps so much with this).

The humour is Fairy Tail is great, each character supports each other, compels each other and furthers each other. Individually each characters may not be incredibly hilarious, but when the characters come together, you have yourself something really great and entertaining:

Fairy Tail Episode 81 - Lucy1

Love how Lucy used Natsu's catch phrase after she said this, it was hilarious =P

Also liking how Gajeel is being covered a lot in the current anime arc (Edolas arc). In the manga Gajeel only appeared near the end but we find out that he was doing a lot of work behind the scenes, in the anime we get to see just what he was doing =D. Earthland Gajeel working with Edolas Gajeel was great to see =D:

Fairy Tail Episode 81 - Edolas Gajeel and Earthland Gajeel

Edolas Gajeel and Earthland Gajeel

Another great thing about the anime is how the feeling of inspiration is carried through – when you couple the emotional scenes of the Fairy Tail with the soundtrack of Fairy Tail, you get something really inspirational and moving.

Will be interesting to see what A-1 Picture and Satelight do when the anime catches up with the manga – most likely fillers. So far the longest filler arc we had was 4 episodes and that was really enjoyable – Daphne made an awesome antagonist and Yū Kobayashi was fantastic voicing her as she added so much character to Daphne. Also love how Fairy Tail “fired-up” Natsu to help him free himself =P – it was hilariously awesome.

Fairy Tail Episode 71 - Daphne

The Mad Scientist Daphne =P

I also got to see a unison raid between Gray and Juvia thanks to the fillers and that was fantastic to see (they DO make a good team!).

Fairy Tail Episode 72 - Gray and Juvia Unison Raid

Gray and Juvia's Unison Raid

Anyway extremely happy that Fairy Tail is continuing for a third year, I really enjoy the show and am looking forward to seeing more Fairy Tail =D.

4 thoughts on “Fairy Tail Anime – 3rd Year Confirmed

  1. Wait wait wait wait!!!! When do Gray and Juvia do a Unision RAaid? The only one I read/saw was Juvia and Lucy’s…….

  2. what epispode is it gray and Juvia magic fusion

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