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Fairy Tail Chapter 242-245 – Electrified Passion

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Fairy Tail Chapter 244 - Colour Spread of Fairy Tail

Congrats on five years Fairy Tail and Hiro Mashima! And I hope there are many more years of Fairy Tail to come!

Compelled by each other and supported by one another, the collective hearts of Fairy Tail grasp today and embrace tomorrow. Through the air of mystery and the echoes of adventure, they pursue the answers and enduring the times with their lives on the line and courage in their hearts, they rush towards the radiating light in search of change and the feeling of life.

Fairy Tail Chapter 242 - Team Natsu - coloured by diabolumberto (http://diabolumberto.deviantart.com)

Team Natsu vs Hades - coloured by diabolumberto (http://diabolumberto.deviantart.com)

Oh how exciting, the final battle with Hades, but hahah Zancrow in chapter 242, I found it completely amusing as to what happened to him. Coming back into the action only to be killed(?) off shortly after – a short-lived return, poor guy, it must be tough on his fans. Acnologia, that’s some series spell if it caused The new Magic Council to turn tail and run away from Tenrou Island so quickly. I wonder what Mest knows about it. Zeref talking about Ages and him awakening when an age ends, hmmmmm? And he wanted to return to an age that had already ended? Is he taking about time-travel or some form of space jumping? Curious to learn what exactly the magic Zeref wields is.

Fairy Tail Chapter 243 - Team Natsu

Overpowered but not overwhelmed, Team Natsu takes on Hades

Team Natsu’s teamwork against Hades in chapter 243 was awesome, but as expected, he is just too strong for them. Wendy supporting the team with her magic was great as was seeing everyone go all out against Hades – yeah, go Erza! Horologium appearing was quite surprising, but it’s awesome he showed up and saved Wendy =D.

Hades’s magic is just overpowering and hahah his “Bang!” gestures were great – someone’s been watching too much Cowboy Bebop =D. The comment “Dance with my magic” really did drive the fact that Team Natsu were getting completely owned home. Was interesting to learn what Hades thought was the reason for why the guild was called Fairy Tail – an eternal mystery and an eternal adventure as to whether Fairies have tails. Natsu and Hades sharing different ideals as to how magic should be followed – Hades doesn’t like change and seeks to bring the darkness in magic back, whereas Natsu and the rest of Fairy Tail feel pursuing change signifies them being alive, as they are constantly living with their lives on the line.

Fairy Tail Chapter 244 - Natsu Dragneel

Proof that they are alive, with courage in their hearts

Laxus showing up at the end of chapter 244 was great. I was wondering when he’d show up from the time he was revealed to feel something about Fairy Tail and his grandfather in chapter 216. Pretty badass entrance he had staring down Hades and attacking him.

Fairy Tail Chapter 244 - Laxus - coloured by diabolumberto (http://diabolumberto.deviantart.com)

Laxus and Hades face-off - coloured by diabolumberto (http://diabolumberto.deviantart.com)

While the Laxus vs Hades fight was brief, it was awesome as Laxus was keeping up with Hades’s magic power and even getting in a few good hits. Laxus did get stronger since last time we saw him and he probably could have taken on Hades a bit more, but as he said, this is not just about defeating Hades, it also about Fairy Tail’s pride, and who better to carry that out that the Salamander, Natsu Dragneel? Natsu loves Fairy Tail so much, I probably won’t be wrong is saying that Natsu would even destroy the world if it meant protecting the guilds pride. Laxus beyond getting stronger, also seems to have matured, to acknowledge that he is not part of Fairy Tail anymore and to believe in Natsu to protect the guild’s pride, as much as he does, that really says a lot as to how far he has come.

Fairy Tail Chapter 245 - 100 fold payback

Who knew Laxus would change this much, to believe in Natsu to such an extent, and that smile...he really has matured

Looking forward to seeing Natsu pay Hades back 100 fold with his Lightning Flame Dragon form – he looks badass at the end of the chapter, Natsu =D. Even if temporary, I’m excited to see Natsu’s new form in action.

Fairy Tail Chapter 245 - Lightning Flame Dragon - coloured by kasukii (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com)

Lightning Flame Dragon, how cool - looking forward to seeing it in action =D - coloured by kasukii (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com)

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