One Piece Chapter 634 – I’m No Hero!

One Piece Chapter 634 - Colour Spread - "100,00 vs 10"

Mermaid Heaven, I'm so glad Sanji

Sorry excuse me for a second while I calm down from the insane hilarity at the start of the chapter and the even insaner badassery at the end of the chapter…okay I think I’ve calmed do-….oh hold on, not yet, memories of the chapter are preventing the massive smile I have right now from fading and my blood rushing around my body from slowing down…oh goodness, such excitement…

…I’m just going to go ahead and steal a line from Shirahoshi “Amazing!! Luffy-sama…”

Amazing is an understatement, Luffy was the freakin’ boss this chapter. Taking out 50,000 enemies with just a stare, hell, if I weren’t taken out by Haki, I’d certainly be taken out by his awesomeness if I were there. Maybe shock kept the spectators conscious through all that epicness, but now I really really feel sorry for Hody…

The colour double page spread was amazing, as expected of Oda. He really does put a lot of time in creating his spreads and it shows, because they are all so very incredible. His colour spreads grab the reader’s attention for minutes as they just sit there and admire the artwork in front of them in awe. From the main subject to the small details, Oda focuses on it all. Seeing the Mugiwara crew underwater with the Mermaids and interacting with the sea life was great. And I noticed you Brook, you lucky skeleton! It’s always a pleasure to see Oda’s spreads.

One Piece Chapter 634 - Luffy wants the meat!

Hahah, Luffy, your simplicity makes you very charming

I laughed so much when Jinbe talked about Luffy being the Hero of Fishman Island and Luffy intensely refusing himself being a hero because he didn’t want to share the meat – and because Luffy’s a pirate =P. Can’t blame him if he wants to eat meat!! But hahah the way Jinbe won Luffy over was just hilarious – seems like Jinbe starting to figure out how Luffy operates =P.

Jinbe’s plan sure had quite a lot of holes, but lol thank goodness the Strawhat crew can improvise and get the job done – so it was Sanji who helped free Zoro, Usopp and Brook (hahah Zoro denying needing Sanji’s help, those two are just hilarious to watch).

One Piece Chapter 634 - Jinbe's resolve

Hell yeah Jinbe!

Nice how Luffy acknowledged Shirahoshi’s strength in not succumbing to hatred, by calling her Yowahoshi instead of just “weakling”. Jinbe commending her courage and resolving to protect the pain she endured all these years was great. Jinbe realises that people like Shirahoshi can change the world and just as Fisher Tiger wished, Jinbe will protect that little “seed” free of hatred now.

So Hody wasn’t KO’d, hahah what a shame, but lol calling Vander Decken useless, oh if only he knew what present Decken sent his way, he wouldn’t be so quick to criticise him =P.

One Piece Chapter 634 - Hody taking a step too far

Uh oh...Hody just awakened the beast inside Luffy!

Hody’s arrogance took a step too far, it was still okay when he was talking about dragging humans down to the bottom of the sea and making them slaves, and when he planned to massacre the Human Kings at this year Reverie at Mariejois, but the moment he spoke about being Pirate King in front of Luffy, he sealed his fate…

One Piece Chapter 634 - New Fishman Pirates

And they actually believe they stand a chance?

10 vs 100,000, huh? Somebody mustn’t have sent the memo to Luffy, because after taking out 50,000 New Fishman Pirates with just a stare, he was ready for even one million. Hahah Luffy, you really are something. Once again, poor Hody, he poked the wrong hole and has now unleashed the beast known as Monkey D Luffy, the man who is going to be Pirate King.

One Piece Chapter 634 - Luffy's Haki

Demolished, they stood no chance...Hody now realises what true fear feels like...

Love how the rest of the Strawhats were impressed with Luffy’s Haki, especially Zoro, who with a smirk stated Luffy wouldn’t be their Captain if he couldn’t do at least this much – hahah wow. You don’t see 50,000 enemies getting defeated in an instant with just a stare often, even in shounen manga  (I haven’t seen it before), so this really was/is something incredible to witness. Oda set it up beautifully and executed it even more amazingly – the moment I knew Luffy was going to use his Haki, I was shivering from excitement waiting to see how much of an effect it has on everyone =P. The look on Hody’s face when he seen 50,000 of his New Fishman Pirate crew collapse in an instant from a stare – priceless. If I were in Hody’s place, I’d also be speechless, just what exactly can you say after witnessing “that”? After seeing a human wield a power completely superior to your own when you are under the preconception that Fishman are superior to Humans, just what do you think? Hody’s reality just got shattered the moment he seen what Luffy did, just as he is about to now.

One Piece Chapter 634 - Luffy Gear Third

Oh goodness, I'd run if I were them...

The rest of the Strawhat crew and Jinbe follow Luffy’s lead and launch their counter. The Thousand Sunny launching one of its new weapons and I’m excited to see just what it is! The fact that Franky is so excited about it makes me very excited as well – “Soldier Dock” New Weapon huh? Can’t wait for the next chapter when everything intensifies to the maximum!!

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