Naruto Chapter 550 – Self-Sacrifice

Naruto Chapter 550 - The Ultimate Sharingan Genjutsu - coloured by tsxworld (

Koto Amatsukami - by tsxworld (

My goodness, Naruto this week was incredible. Finally the purpose of behind the crow is revealed and wow was it deeper than I had expected. I had a feeling it was a jutsu to counter Edo Tensei and to counter Sasuke’s sharingan, but I did not see the inclusion of Shisui and his ultimate genjutsu and just how much planning Itachi had put into everything. Seriously Itachi is incredible, and Kishimoto’s writing is amazing.

Itachi, just how smart is he? He set in motion a plan ten years in advance to combat the possibility of his younger brother threatening the village of Konoha. It may be because he knew the Uchiha nature all too well which is why he could predict Sasuke’s possible actions, but to set up a counter measure for such a remote possibility ten years in advance, that is just genius.

Naruto Chapter 550 - Itachi's skill

Itachi is just too good, not even Edo Tensei can control him =D

I was in doubt whether Kishimoto had planned Itachi’s story from when Naruto part one was still ongoing, but after this chapter, I am convinced that Kishimoto had Itachi’s story planned all along or at the very least had a good idea of how to have it play out – no wonder Itachi’s attitude changed so abruptly after Shisui was found dead – because he was entrusted with protecting Konoha. I am really pleased with how Kishimoto handled the Shisui/Itachi relationship.

I loved how Shisui’s importance in the story of Naruto is finally revealed, he has been noted several time in Naruto during conversations and his eye power was hinted at during the Kage Summit, glad we learn what is was this chapter. So Shisui just like Itachi, knew all too well of the Uchiha’s clans nature and sought to counter it and protect Konoha. To think that Shisui would give Itachi his left eye and die silently…he must have really loved Konoha to want to protect it so much. The pain in forsaking the clan he loves in favour of the village he also loves, it must have been immense. Self-sacrifice…that was the choice both Shisui and Itachi made. No wonder I wanted to believe Itachi so much when he said he didn’t kill Shisui back during his flashbacks during the Sasuke vs Naruto fight at the Valley of the End. Though since Itachi didn’t kill Shisui, how did he (and Kakashi) awaken their Mangekyo Sharingan?

Naruto Chapter 550 - Shisui's sacrifice

The bond between friends and their desire to protect their village from their clans petty "curse"

Itachi had noted that Shisui and Naruto hold the same ideals, which I find really incredible – no matter how much Tobi says that the Uchiha are burdened by a curse of hatred, there are still those Uchiha who rise beyond their past and seek something more brighter, like Itachi, Obito and Shisui. Shisui and Itachi became aware of the Uchiha’s lust for revenge and probably became sick of it – the Uchiha clan having no hope and being totally consumed by petty revenge. I also feel that since Shisui was like an older brother to Itachi, he probably was the person who influenced Itachi to act the way Itachi did. Also interesting how Shisui erased his existence and left no corpse behind – no wonder Kabuto couldn’t find his corpse.

Naruto Chapter 550 - Uchiha Shisui's Koto Amatsukami

Uchiha Shisui's ultimate genjutsu

Shisui’s ultimate genjutsu Koto Amatsukami which allows for the most powerful genjutsu to be cast which enables the user to control an individual without them even noticing, is quite something. It is curious that Shisui’s Mangekyo Sharingan has a different look than the other Mangekyo Sharingan – rather than three points, Shisui’s Mangekyo Sharingan has four points – wonder how significant this will be O.o. The cool down is a pain though, but Itachi did reveal that Hashirama’s cells help regenerate Shisui’s Mangekyo Sharingan – no wonder the cool down was significantly much shorter when Danzou used Shisui’s eyes. Since Naruto is connected to the Senju clan and has the Rikudou Sage type body, if he uses his energy on Shisui’s eyes, he will be able to regenerate the Mangekyo Sharingan much quicker. Even though Itachi’s plan failed, he still succeeded in escaping Edo Tensei and regaining control over his body – which is awesome.

Naruto Chapter 550 - Itachi's plan

The genius of Itachi, and even though unsuccessful, he still frees himself from Edo Tensei's control

Kabuto now has his eyes on Shisui’s eye, and since he has Orochimaru’s research and work, he has some of Hashirama’s cells somewhere and will be able to utilise Shisui’s eye in a way Danzou did and probably even better. Sad how Danzou stole one of Shisui’s eyes when he was alive, but then again Danzou wasn’t known for his kind methods, he was an extremist, but he was still cool (living and dying to protect Konoha, even if he was doing it from the shadows).

Naruto Chapter 550 - Gratitude

Itachi really has done a lot for Konoha, go so far as to sacrificing his pride and even his life...

I wonder what Sharingan was being used to control the Fourth Mizukage – Ao did state that he recognised the chakra colour emanating from the illusion placed on the Fourth Mizukage as being similar to Shisui’s chakra colour. If Tobi was the one manipulating the Fourth Mizukage, maybe he was using Izuna’s Mangekyo Sharingan which may have had an illusion based special power.

Nagato!! Isn’t he fortunate he is undead, he is able to regenerate thanks to that – but using Shinra Tensei to push the Amaterasu flames away from his body was great. Kabuto erased Nagato’s personality and is forcefully controlling Nagato now? I wonder if Kabuto is also underestimating Nagato. But hahah Nagato is awesome, I always thought he was one of the strongest shinobi in Naruto, if not the strongest, and now we are finally getting a chance to see just what exactly Nagato can do. Nagato easily taking on Bee and Naruto and using Preta Path to suck Bee’s chakra and the Human Path to pull out Naruto’s soul. Nagato returning to his former form before he first summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path and became attached to it. Will be cool to see Nagato in his youthful form with red hair.

Naruto Chapter 550 - Nagato - coloured by tobari21 (

Nagato becoming whole - coloured by tobari21 (

Itachi will probably interrupt Nagato and save Naruto. But it will be interesting to see what Itachi does. So far, each Mangekyo Sharingan does seem to have given their users a unique ability – Shisui’s Koto Amatsukami genjutsu, Tobi’s space/time ninjutsu, Kakashi’s (Obito’s) Kamui space/time ninjutsu, and Sasuke’s ability to freely control Amaterasu. Now the question is, does Itachi have a unique Mangekyo Sharingan ability, and if so, what?

Itachi is one of those characters that significantly drives the story of Naruto through his actions in the past – just like Minato and Orochimaru. These three characters are truly legendary.

Naruto Chapter 550 - Itachi - coloured by sasukeoron (

Uchiha Itachi - coloured by sasukeoron (

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