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One Piece Chapter 634 – I’m No Hero!

One Piece Chapter 634 - Colour Spread - "100,00 vs 10"

Mermaid Heaven, I'm so glad Sanji

Sorry excuse me for a second while I calm down from the insane hilarity at the start of the chapter and the even¬†insaner badassery at the end of the chapter…okay I think I’ve calmed do-….oh hold on, not yet, memories of the chapter are preventing the massive smile I have right now from fading and my blood rushing around my body from slowing down…oh goodness, such excitement…

…I’m just going to go ahead and steal a line from Shirahoshi “Amazing!! Luffy-sama…”

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Naruto Chapter 550 – Self-Sacrifice

Naruto Chapter 550 - The Ultimate Sharingan Genjutsu - coloured by tsxworld (http://tsxworld.deviantart.com)

Koto Amatsukami - by tsxworld (http://tsxworld.deviantart.com)

My goodness, Naruto this week was incredible. Finally the purpose of behind the crow is revealed and wow was it deeper than I had expected. I had a feeling it was a jutsu to counter Edo Tensei and to counter Sasuke’s sharingan, but I did not see the inclusion of Shisui and his ultimate genjutsu and just how much planning Itachi had put into everything. Seriously Itachi is incredible, and Kishimoto’s writing is amazing.

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