Bleach Chapter 459 – Hey My Friend

Bleach Chapter 459 - Ichigo and Rukia - coloured by benderZz (

A smile warm enough to melt the misery and despair freezing Ichigo's heart - coloured by benderZz (

So that’s how it is, Ginjou and Tsukishima were actually working together, guess I was wrong in predicting that the two weren’t in league with one another, but that’s fine, I like how things turned out. Rather than more mystery and twist, it’s great the arc is finally getting into heart of things and finally revealing just what direction it intends to travel towards. Ichigo just isn’t the same without Rukia around, I have come to realise this arc that Rukia served as much more than just a friend to Ichigo. Just as Zangetsu and Hollow Ichigo were part of Ichigo, Rukia’s presence served as something equally important. With Rukia around, Ichigo can be the Ichigo that is the hero of Bleach, rather than some whiney manipulated boy which he was during this arc (completely and utterly manipulated by Ginjou and Tsukishima without putting up much resistance).

I was also wrong about when Ginjou got cut the first time – so the cut Ginjou got in chapter 446 was insignificant =(. The first cut by Tsukishima happened off scene – no wonder I had this slight feeling I was wrong when looking at the cut Ginjou got in chapter 446 O.o. And no wonder Ginjou seemed so dangerously suspicious before chapter 429 (when Uryuu got attacked) – carrying around ramen and telling Ichigo that Kisuke is dangerous…

Ginjou seems to know Isshin and Kisuke, but I wonder how? And how does he know that Ichigo’s family is special (and that Ichigo knows nothing about his family)? Now that the true line has been drawn and we know whose on which side, we can finally get some answers to the many questions that accumulated through the arc.

Bleach Chapter 459 - Tsukishima's Book of the End

Now I finally get how Book of the End works =)

I didn’t entirely understand Tsukishima’s Fullbring ability before, but I do now. I was wondering how he could make Ginjou forget his intent to steal Ichigo’s powers when Tsukishima could only insert his presence in a person’s memories, but it turns out that through that he is able to manipulate how his presence is perceived in the targets memory and in effect manipulate the targets overall memory – he manipulated how his presence appeared in Ginjou’s memories (to perceive him as an enemy who betrayed him). I initially thought that Tsukishima was only able to merely insert his presence, but now it’s clear he is able to insert his presence however he chooses to – he has more control over it than I had initially thought. It should have been easy to understand, but sadly I had a harder time understanding it than what it should have been. Also are the Fullbring users bad guys? Riruka did seem to show some sympathy when she was with Orihime…

Ginjou, does his Fullbring give him the ability to crossover different powers ie. merging Fullbring and Shinigami powers. It is not entirely clear as to what Ginjou has done, but it seems that he has merged a Shinigami Representative Badge with his Fullbring Cross of Scaffold and now has the ability to absorb Fullbring abilities from people like who Ichigo (Shinigami who have lost their powers?). It will be interesting to see what Ginjou’s true intents and how he matches up against a Bankai using Shinigami. Also I would love to know how and why Sado joined such a suspicious group…

Bleach Chapter 459 - Ichigo's desparation

To grasp that power, he held onto a hand he didn't trust, but still he put his faith in that hand only to be betrayed in the end...

Funny how the reason I am using for why Sado joined Xcution is actually the reason for why Ichigo joined Xcution – he reached a wall in trying to get stronger (in Ichigo’s case to regain his power) and Xcution served as a means for him to achieve that end (I wonder if Ichigo went to see Kisuke during the 17 month time skip?). I really did feel sorry for Ichigo when he had the power he desired so much stripped (stolen!) away from him. While it is partly Ichigo’s fault for trusting dodgy strangers like Ginjou and company, but still it’s hard not to feel some sadness for him when he lost it all. But, hahah, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and boy was this silver lining beautiful =).

Bleach Chapter 459 - Ichigo's ray of light, Rukia

Ichigo's ray of light piercing the darkness and shattering the despair and hopelessness freezing his heart

Rukia. I was always wondering where she was this arc, especially when Ichigo was being manipulated and trolled so much. But she chose one despairing moment to show up. It’s funny, but contrary to Rukia’s zanpakutou Sode no Shirayuki power of utilising ice, her smile (especially in this scene) has the power to melt ice. All that misery, despair and helplessness became non-existent when Ichigo saw her…there are only two people in Bleach that I’ve seen that can cause Ichigo make such a face and those two are Senna and Rukia. Since Senna is a movie-only character, the only character that can bring forward such colourful reactions from Ichigo is Rukia. But it’s obvious why, Rukia is Ichigo’s “ray of light”. After being manipulated and used so much and then betrayed, Ichigo has finally found something truly sincere. Man Ichigo is one lucky guy, he has such good friends, even when he doesn’t ask, they come rushing to save him, and it’s great how Rukia is the one who saved him this time. When she was in trouble, he rushed to save her, now she did the same when he was in trouble =).

Ichigo’s back! And it’s about dam time! Hell yeah! I like his new zanpakutou – he combined his Fullbring and Shinigami powers? How interesting, it seems Ichigo is able to naturally evolve with the powers he acquires when put in certain circumstances.

Bleach Chapter 459 - Death and Strawberry - coloured by SilverCore94 (

Death and Strawberry - coloured by SilverCore94 (

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2 Responses to Bleach Chapter 459 – Hey My Friend

  1. Darkshaunz says:

    I think that Rukia and Ichigo have definitely moved past the “repaying debts to each other” phase. When the two of them interact, they tend to go into a separate realm where only the two of them truly understand one another.

    Also Ichigo’s new form looks so badass. I also look forward to the reunion after the dust from the next fight settles. So much to find out about what happened in Soul Society all this time, and also perhaps – Rukia’s bankai?

    Great time for Bleach, and with Rukia’s return – I believe Bleach will rejoin the other two SJ titans to become part of the “Sannin” of Shounen once again.

    – Shaunz

    • Syphin says:

      The relationship which exist between Ichigo and Rukia is quite mysterious. Them going into their own separate realm where they understand one another is a really nice way to describe the two of them. Also Rukia a lieutenant, that is very awesome, and yeah it is going to be fun finding out just what happened in the Gotei 13 over the past 17 months.

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