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One Piece Chapter 632-633 – Silent Courage

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One Piece Chapter 633 - The Strawhat Crew - coloured by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

The Mugiwara Crew - coloured by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

So truth about what actually happened during Queen Otohime’s assassination is revealed and so is the true extent of Hody’s madness. And the Strawhat pirates, what an insanely kickass entrance, especially Luffy, his entrance was set-up so marvelously =).

Jinbe and Shirahoshi (mainly Shirahoshi) fall for the trap Hody laid and end up being captured – just like Neptune and his sons. Hody reveals his outlaw army filled with Fishmen and human slaves – 100,000 strong. And also ends up feeling more generous than normal thanks to being put on edge by Madam Shirley and her prediction – Hody reveals it was in fact him who shot Queen Otohime and caused her death. Hody had paid the Human who was blamed for Queen Otohime’s, to shoot the bucket full of envelopes which caused confusion and chaos to ensure. Hody took advantage of such a situation and even sealed the witnesses by killed the human he hired…

One Piece Chapter 632 - Hody's Anger

Anger and hate blind Hody's eyes from the Sunlight of tomorrow

Quite surprising to learn that Madam Shirley is Arlong’s younger sister, and even more shocking seeing her shot by a water bullet from Hody. The prediction she had is very intriguing, was the person she really saw Luffy? And if so, just how will Luffy end up causing the destruction of Fishman Island? Vander Decken IX is the one who sent Noah flying towards Fishman Island intending for everything to be destroying (ouch, a broken heart such can cause people to behave extremely). Will Luffy split the Noah ship in two and cause most of Fishman Island to be destroyed…anyway speaking of Noah, I wonder if any clues to the Poneglyph or who this Joy Boy is is located within it O.o. The Poneglyph certainly is a factor this arc, but I wonder just how about it is going to be covered.

One Piece Chapter 632 - Vander Decken IX's broken heart

The misery of a broken heart

I still think Caribou will be the unlikely hero this arc. He may end up storing the entire Fishmen Island population inside his infinite space (swamp?) – most of the Fishmen are already gathered at the Plaza where they are witnessing King Neptune’s execution (well were anyway =P). To survive, Caribou could help the Strawhats and the Strawhats can help Caribou escape Fishman Island via Thousand Sunny and it’s boost + Sea Kings(?). Wonder if Shirahoshi’s special power will come into use this arc…

One Piece Chapter 632 - Shirahoshi's pain

The shocking announcement by Shirahoshi and the realisation of the darkness she carried alone

Shirahoshi, she is really is incredible. Her actions relating to her not telling anyone that it was in fact Hody who killed Queen Otohime can be seen as incredibly foolish, but I also find it incredibly courageous as well – she believed in the principles her mother followed so strongly that she continuously lived by them, and even if she followed them in a naive way, she still had the strength to endure it all alone (well with Megalo) for so many years…Maybe Luffy could instinctual sense the pain Shirahoshi was burdened by and subconsciously realising that she is pure of heart, he forced her out of the Tower to open her eyes to the wider world and help her mature, and even if Luffy isn’t aware of it (since he slept through Otohime’s story), he is helping Shirahoshi become closer to the person her mother was. Hody can say what he wants, but what Shirahoshi did wasn’t wrong.

One Piece Chapter 633 - Shirahoshi's courage

The courage of a little girl who decided to believe and follow what her mother lived and fought for...

Luffy’s entrance, oh man, how freakin’ epic was that? The set-up was extraordinary and the execution was just plain badass – Luffy getting spat out of Megalo’s mouth and then proceeding to deck Hody is one hit – I wouldn’t mind if Hody was actually completely KO’d by that hit, because that kick by Luffy was glorious. Arlong really was more awesome than Hody because Hody is just too blind to see just how foolish he really is. All the residents of Fishman Island wishes answered in that instant and felt so good to see Hody smacked around so badly. Surprising how things turned out, but if I were in the Fishman Island resident’s shoes and some extremist started out weeding “traitorous” Fishman from the populace, I would also hope for such madness to end, even if it meant for everything to be destroyed (at the very least, it would put an end to the madness of Hody and his cronies). The rest of the Strawhats entrance was equally as kickass – Nami getting the Tenryuubito letter (as expected of a thief =P), Robin unlocking the Neptune families locks, and Franky providing a path for Hoe to save Neptune and the brothers.

One Piece Chapter 633 - Luffy's Entrance

The one and only, Mugiwara Luffy

The final scene for chapter 633 with the Strawhats, Shirahoshi, Pappug, and Jinbe all grouped up together behind Luffy who leaves the decision of whether they are friend or foe to the Fishman was beyond astonishing. Luffy, what a badass Captain.

One Piece Chapter 633 - The Strawhat Pirates

The Strawhat Pirates are here!

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