Naruto Chapter 547-549 – The Value Of Love

Naruto Chapter 547 - Karura and Gaara - coloured by Adoyn (

"No matter what happens, I'll always protect you! Gaara..!"

Wow, Kishimoto handled the meeting between Gaara and his father quite amazingly, it really was quite moving. And at the end of it all, I couldn’t help but feel happiness and joy for Gaara and his parents (in particular Gaara’s father). Naruto meeting Itachi and Nagato and being forced into a battle against the two of them while talking with Itachi was great. Itachi is one of the best characters in Naruto and seeing what he’ll do now that he has been resurrected is interesting.

Naruto Chapter 548 - The Medicine called Love

The wounds of the heart

Yashamaru’s actions back when he was looking after Gaara really did have me curious and perplexed. When he told Gaara about the the wounds of the heart and the medicine called love, I thought that was beautiful, especially when he told Gaara that he had that medicine already – the love from his mother stretching beyond death and existing in the sand that always protects him. When Yashamaru spoke with Gaara later after the failed assassination, he turned everything he said to Gaara on it’s head and twisted up the concept of love that Gaara had just began starting to understand. At that time and even when I watched/read those scenes later on (before reading these chapters), I couldn’t help but think “human beings really are fragile…” Even though Yashamaru did genuinely like Gaara, he couldn’t get over the fact that Gaara is the reason his beloved sister is dead and consumed by such a darkness, he let those thoughts immobilise him in the past and chose to follow a path of vengeance. As we find out in chapter 547, that wasn’t the case, but at the time it was first covered, that is what it really seemed like.

I always thought it was really sad that Yashamaru held so much hatred for Gaara, who really wasn’t at fault for his mother’s death, and that is why now, after reading these chapters, I am really glad that Yashamaru didn’t in fact hate Gaara, that Yashamaru instead did love Gaara. It is also sad that Gaara’s father did try several times to kill Gaara and those were big factors in causing Gaara to become so twisted in his childhood, but as Gaara pointed out in chapter 457, it was the duty of being Kazekage, the duty to protect the village that caused Gaara’s father to behave in such a manner (rather that just out of hatred, it was also out of duty).

Naruto Chapter 548 - Karura's love

Extending beyond space and form, a mother's love reaches her son

It really is great to know that the love from Gaara’s mother was genuine and so strong – his mother really was badass. The scene where Gaara was in tears upon realising that his mother really did love him was extremely beautiful (plus the set-up to this scene was very well down by Kishimoto). The painful life Gaara lived, a life filled mostly with hate and suffering, a life where for most of it he was alone, to find out that he always had someone who loved him and believed in him, and even more so his mother, the person who gave life to him, to find out that she always protected him and never doubted him, now that really is something. This is first time Gaara has shown such a face, and just as his tears stream down his face, you can notice the remnants of his old self disappearing. To see Gaara and his father finally come to terms to one another, to see them finally understanding one another and acknowledging each other, it really is great. And even though the story of Naruto is fictional, it doesn’t stop me from feeling joy and being glad with how things turned out.

Naruto Chapter 548 - Gaara's Emotions - coloured by EpicGaara (

The Medicine called Love

One Kage down, three more to go. Should be interesting seeing what the other three Kages are capable of and how the Joint Shinobi Alliance will go about defeating them. Like how the coverage of this ended just as the two forces are about to engage each other and things switched over the Nagato/Itachi and Naruto/Bee scene.

Naruto Chapter 548 - Nagato and Itachi - colour by themaxs (

Nagato and Itachi - colour by themaxs (

There is a lot of interest around Itachi and what he will do in light of the current situation, because depending on what Itachi does he can largely affect what happens to Naruto, Tobi or Sasuke – that’s how big a player Itachi is in Naruto. Now that Itachi knows that Sasuke plans to follow his own personal war of revenge and that Tobi knew more about Itachi than Itachi had expected, what will Itachi do now? A lot of the interest behind Itachi is around the mystery of what the crow he inserted in Naruto is. Is it a jutsu/power or a weapon? Well whatever it is, it seems we’ll be finding out what the meaning behind it is next chapter – how exciting, I’m really looking forward to the next chapter.

Naruto Chapter 549 - Itachi and Naruto - colour by themaxs (

A mouthful of mystery - colour by themaxs (

When reading chapter 548, I had thought that maybe Itachi had expected to be resurrected by someone who used Edo Tensei and had placed some precaution inside Naruto via the crow. Seeing the crow exit Naruto when Itachi used Mangekyo Sharingan has me wondering if Itachi’s jutsu activated when he used Mangekyo Sharingan on Naruto and if Itachi really did plan for such a scenario to arise. It’s hard to know what the exact purpose behind the crow may be, but it does seem that that crow has some use in regards to the current situation. Anyhow chapter 549 was so well done it leaves you really excited for the next chapter, I can’t wait =).

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