Street Fighter X Tekken Trailers

Street Fighter X Tekken Poster

I don’t normally follow fighting games but I do really enjoy them when I play them, but anyway I happened to stumble upon a Street Fighter X Tekken trailer today and oh my goodness, it looks so incredibly fun. Maybe it’s because most of the trailers were just cinematic rather than gameplay and it had music in the background, but wow, it still makes me want to get this game when it comes out (PS3).

^I have to admit this is one cool cinematic trailer (Poison is hot, but King was the badass one here =D, and since I don’t know much about all the Tekken and Street Figther characters, who was the guy in the prisoner outfit with handcuffs and chains that appeared in the end? don’t worry I found who he is – the Bored Jailbreaker Cody).

^This one is also an amazing trailer – Ryu ftw =D

The gameplay videos, wow, when you get a combo stringed together and continue it on with your second character, that looks so incredibly badass. I realise that the gameplay videos are made to look like that and in an actual match your opponent won’t just take your beating (well unless you lucky =D), but it still looks amazing.

I remember trying to pull out combos with my characters in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars and man was it hard to pull off, especially linking character attacks together when you switch. I could spend time learning the combos but it’s tough to get as good as some of the people you see in the videos on youtube and such (it’s insane how easy some people make it look). I learn some of the combos but I mostly use those one attack moves that you can spam in a match =P – I know I hated such tactics when I used to play Mortal Kombat on the Sega with my brother, but I learned how effective they can be =).

I don’t know much about Tekken but I have played a bit of Tekken 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament before. Back in high school, some guy brought his Playstation 2 and held a Tekken Tag Tournament tournament, and even though I had no prior experience, I entered for the fun of it. I rolled with Yoshimitsu and Hwoarang (got to love his kicks) and with the button bashing tactics (they can be effective =D) I made it past the first round but lost to my next opponent. In the end some Asian guy won (amusing and sad how he completely demolished his opponent) – crazy how skilled some people can be in fighting games.

So far the character confirmed to be in Street Fighter X Tekken are (taken from wikipedia):

Street Fighter Tekken System Exclusive
Ryu Kazuya Mishima Cole MacGrath (PS3/Vita)
Ken Masters Nina Williams
Guile King
Abel Craig Marduk
Cammy White Bob
Chun-Li Julia Chang
Sagat Hwoarang
Dhalsim Steve Fox
Poison Yoshimitsu

Yeah, I’m happy as long as Chun-Li is there =D.

The games release date is planned for 2 March 2012. I wonder if Capcom plans to release as many versions of Street Fighter X Tekken as they did for Street Fighter IV (I haven’t played this game yet, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to).

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