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Bleach Episode 329 – Modsoul Genesis

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Bleach Episode 329 - Soi-Fon and her prince, Yoruichi-sama

So this is what the world inside the head of Soi-Fon looks like, interesting...

Sorry I just had to use this image as the main one, it is awesomely hilarious! Soi-Fon and her delusions hahah =P. The image reminded me a lot of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Anyway this episode was great, we get to learn what exactly Kageroza is after and just exactly who he is. We also find out who/what Nozomi is – shock/horror moment for Kon. And to top things off we get an epic evil guy laugh at the end – got to love evil laughs.

Bleach Episode 329 - Modsoul Research

With intentions of expanding the military force of the Shinigami, the Modsoul research began

Modsouls huh, I actually forgot that Kon had such a distressing past, but it’s exciting to see it covered again, even if it is only in the fillers. Still I’m finding these fillers great, each arc brings something new and refreshing. It’s strange though, even when bound by the limits of the manga story, the fillers arc still end up seeming more creative and interesting than the stories of the manga (Studio Pierrot does a great job with the Bleach anime – especially the filler arcs). And I think the main reason for this is because the filler material builds on what has already been laid down (the Zanpakutou arc developed the Zanpakutou’s, this current arc is developing the Modsoul story) unlike the manga where Kubo ignores directly building on his already established foundation in favour of creating a totally new foundation – the Fullbring story has yet to connect with the rest of the Bleach story. Maybe Kubo does have plans to revisit points in his story and develop them further, but currently I’m not seeing that, he just keeps adding to the foundation rather than building-up much on the already existing foundation (for example character back-grounds). The Lost Shinigami Representative Arc seems to be loosely based on the past 435 chapters that came before the arc. ..well the arc is not over yet and Kubo may have some surprised in store for his reader and the arc may  in fact connect with the rest of the Bleach story when it is revealed.

Bleach Episode 329 - Mayuri

He really does take pride in being completely mad - what has he exactly done to his body?

Hopefully that is the case, but anyhow, the Mayuri vs Kageroza madness battle was great. Each battling with the products of their research and vying to be superior to the other. Mayuri outfoxed Kageroza in round one – Kageroza himself even admits this and apologises for being weak (lol), but Kageroza reveals the fruits of his research and true motives. The way this was set-up was quite good – Mayuri stating what a Scientist fears most (oblivion) , and Kageroza carrying that on by stating his true intentions (to have his research acknowledged).

Bleach Episode 329 - Inaba Kageroza

Well that's one way to use a Modsoul - smart how he overcame Mayuri's drug effects

I am quite surprised that the story about the Modsoul was able to be turned into an actual arc – didn’t think it was important enough, but I guess I was wrong. Excited to see how this arc will develop and conclude. Also like how the Dangai Precipice World was brought into play for this story – it adds to the complexity of the developments.

Bleach Episode 329 - Modsoul Research - Nozomi

The "Adam" and "Eve" of Modsoul research?

We learn that Nozomi is in fact the first Modsoul. I wonder if her and that guy we seen in the flashback (who Kageroza has locked up) were the “Adam” and “Eve” of the Modsoul research – it does seem that way. Through them, the way to reach a “perfected” Modsoul was found and in a sense obtain a power that reached the realms of God. Soul Society feared the power it could grant and judged it a threat (a threat to the power the heads of Soul Society hold) and moved to destroy all that research. Just like how Eve was tempted to eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, so to is Kageroza being tempted by the thought and possibility of being closer to “God”. The “forbidden fruit” in this case being the special Reishi he created which holds the immense amount of information about Modsouls, which he tossed in the Dangai Precipice World.

Bleach Episode 329 - Modsoul Research Information Reishi

Just as if it were the "Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge", Kageroza desires it

Still it’s pretty interesting that such a project was started up in the first place when you look at things retrospectively after the Arrancar Saga. I get that it was logical to increase the Shinigami military size in order to combat the mass amounts of Hollow, but when you see how easily the Shinigami dispatched the strongest Hollows/Arrancar in Hueco Mundo – the Espada – it’s makes you wonder if the Shinigami really needed numbers to combat with them. The top three Espada (including the former King of Hueco Mundo)  were defeated quite easily by the Captains – some not even requiring to release their Bankai. Hell, Aizen, Gin and Tousen took control of Hueco Mundo themselves. Now that the strongest Hollows/Arrancar in Hueco Mundo are defeated and now that the Shinigami are able to enter it via the Garganta, they can handle the flow of Hollow/Arrancar quite easily. This is all assuming that the Espada were the strongest Hollow/Arrancar and that there are no more Vasto Lorde  out there (Harribel is the only one confirmed to be a Vasto Lorde).

Bleach Episode 329 - Rukia's Drawing

Poor Rukia, but we all know they secretly love her explanatory drawings

Also hahah been a while since we seen Rukia’s hilarious drawings. As childish as they look, they are honestly amusing and the expression Rukia has on her face when presenting her explanatory drawings is just too funny.

The Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book was really good this episode. Soi-Fon and her delusions of Yoruichi, hahah, she is obsessed. The gag omake is one of the best things about Bleach episodes, being able to unleash such hilarity in a matter of seconds is quite something.

Bleach Episode 329 - Soi Fon's delusion - her prince, Yoruichi-sama

Even as a "prince", Yoruichi still looks hot

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