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Naruto Chapter 544-545 – His Saviors

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Naruto Chapter 544 - Kusina, Minato and Naruto - coloured by darkalx

The Suns that power him, the people who saved him, the parents which love him...

Great chapters, especially chapter 544 – Naruto reveals the weight behind his resolve and determination and expresses just how much belief he has in himself thanks to his father and mother. You can tell Naruto has attained a harmonious balance in himself since meeting his father and mother (for the first time). Now that he understands how much love was surrounding him and how much faith they have put in him, he has begun to see and accept the role he must play. The role of savior, the role handed to him by the previous savior who left everything to Naruto. It’s heartwarming to see the overwhelming and overflowing love present between Naruto and his parents. They left him on a path filled with pain and suffering, but Naruto doesn’t blame them and isn’t angry at them, instead he understands their decision and realises the sacrifice they made for him. The love they have for him and the faith they put in him, that is all Naruto can see. Two Suns, Suns that shine on him and power him to go to any length to protect the things precious to him. A relationship so radiant, it’s moving…

Naruto Chapter 544 - Their Faith

Naruto strongest source of power - the love and faith his parents have for him

The Raikage vs Naruto climax was epic (just like the scene with Minato and Raikage), got to love how Naruto rose to the levels of his father, the Fourth Hokage (a yellow flash, huh? =P), and expressed just how much determination and belief in himself he has. The belief in himself that he will save the world and the determination that he will not fail.

Naruto Chapter 544 - Naruto's resolve

The faith they placed in him, the love they have for him, the role they left for him...

The fact that Naruto also managed to get Raikage to believe in him really highlights the special power Naruto has to overcome anything and reach into people’s hearts and make them genuinely believe in and have faith in him. To Naruto, “impossible” is just a word. Hell his reach even extends beyond the Naruto-verse and into the real world where he also moves my heart. Naruto to me is one of the best shounen heroes ever created (Kishimoto really has done an outstanding job with Naruto).

Naruto Chapter 544 - Tobi's Six Paths of Pain, the Jinchuuriki's - coloured by yaminokuni (http://yaminokuni.deviantart.com)

Tobi's Six Paths of Pain - coloured by yaminokuni (http://yaminokuni.deviantart.com)

Tobi revealing his next plan – his own version of the Six Paths of Pain was pretty cool. I was wondering how the Jinchuuriki would participate in this war, but this is a creative way of dealing with them. The second day of war really is shaping up to be filled with tons of intensity. Since the other Jinchuuriki were introduced, I have been wondering what kind of people they were and what jutsus they wield, and now finally we get to see just the Jinchuuriki in action we never got to see before in the story of Naruto. It is interesting that Tobi can use that jutsu as well, so I’m guessing that as long as you have the Rinnegan, you are able to use the “Six Paths of Pain”. As to how that jutsu exactly functions, I wonder…but I do have a theory to which allows me to make sense of it. The Rinnegan is able to extend its existence to other “paths” (bodies) and in a sense shape the form of the “path” to match its substance. The substance being having a Rinnegan and a Sharingan eye. This would explain why both Nagato and Tobi are able to extend the effects of their eye jutsus and why the “paths” of pain gain the ability to use the Rinnegan (and Sharingan) as well. The difference between Tobi’s and Nagato’s execution is that Tobi doesn’t require himself to use rods to control the “paths” he is having the souls of the Jinchuuriki control the “paths” themselves. The way the “Six Paths of Pain” jutsu hasn’t been revealed yet, but whatever the reason, this is a shounen and this development is exciting.

Naruto Chapter 545 - Mito Uzumaki

Uzumaki Mito and Naruto - the ability to sense negative thoughts

Didn’t realise Uzumaki Mito was also able to sense the hostility (negative thoughts) in a person, but that was cool to find out (we get to learn some more about her and the fact that Tobi really did know Uzumaki Mito in some way – is he really Madara? I wonder…). Will be interesting to learn more about what happened when Hashirama and Madara fought and just what exactly happened at that time.

Naruto Chapter 545 - Haruno Sakura's analysis

The ability of analysis, Sakura's true power

Glad Kishimoto is giving Sakura some highlighting during this Shinobi War. She really has matured, being able to analyse the available data and coming up with “logical” and likely assumptions to help set-up foundations for plans that may help end (and “win”) this Shinobi War. Yeah Sakura is more suited in the medical development area than in the thick of the action.

Naruto Chapter 545 - Tobi's Six Path of Pain - coloured by gran-jefe (http://gran-jefe.deviantart.com)

Immortal or just dam hard to kill? I wonder...

Looks like Tobi is using Orochimaru’s “experiments” and taking it further – being able to modify his body with the First Hokage’s cells into something like Zetsu (had expected Tobi had modified his body to be “immortal”-like – you could tell we Tobi had his limbs cut/blown off during his fights). As Tsunade stating that Tobi may in fact be immortal, I say that is logical on her part, but Tobi is not immortal – why else would he use Izanagi and try to avoid situations he was met with death so much? Tobi may be close to immortality, but he is no where near being an “immortal”.

Naruto Chapter 545 - Naruto's power

A one man army, intent of putting a stop to this fruitless war

Naruto unleashing was great, he really is the hero of the manga =D. Naruto in Kyuubi Chakra Mode performing his new and modified versions of Rasengan was kick-ass. It’s the same jutsu (Rasengan) but Naruto has molded it to fit himself and modified it to the extent of taking it beyond just being “one jutsu” to the point of making it a near “absolute” jutsu, just like he did with Kage Bunshin. Whether Naruto is a master of his jutsus or not, he has incorporated them so well into his “states/chakra modes” and other abilities, that is makes you wonder if he really is a genius. And not only being able to unleash dense amounts of chakra, Naruto is also able to “reform” the chakra’s into Zetsu clones – react with the Mokuton and turn them back into trees(remove the Zetsu chakras)? I’m curious as to how Naruto’s chakra is functioning now and just how much of an effect his Senju spirit has…

Naruto Chapter 545 - Gamhiro - coloured by COH-ru (http://coh-ru.deviantart.com)

Kuchiyose-Yataikuzushi no Jutsu - Gamahiro - coloured by COH-ru (http://coh-ru.deviantart.com)

Badass when Naruto summoned Gamahiro after his mini-Rasenshuriken and performed the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu to head to all the battlefields – hahah Naruto the one man army. Naruto seems aware of the amount of clones he creates and not going beyond the amount needed.

Naruto Chapter 545 - Tajuu Kagebunshin no Jutsu

Knowing he must, and believing he can, Naruto proceeds to end this war

I really do wonder if Tobi is Madara, I’m beginning to think that the person called Tobi is actually the Sage of Six Paths but twisted by the times and other factors. The statements made by Tobi that he seeks to be “complete” and that he “gave” Nagato his Rinnegan is suspicious…it could all just be lies on Tobi’s part, but if he is telling the truth, than I wonder if Tobi is the Sage of Six Paths, who had his soul summoned by someone in the past which in turn got twisted by some event(s)…Now Tobi seeks to reach a certain “future” by placing everyone under a genjutsu (and controlling them) – Now that I wrote this theory down, it sounds so incredibly ridiculous…Whoever Tobi is, it goes without saying that his intentions were born from the system, the Shinobi system that divides it’s nations.

Also with the “Eye of the Moon Plan”, isn’t the moon required to be able to cast a genjutsu on everyone? but the Moon is holding the body of the Juubi and Tobi would need that body to awaken the Juubi and this will subsequently “destroy” the Moon and in turn the “Eyes of the Moon Plan”…does Tobi not require the body of the Juubi or is he planning to just gather all the chakras from the Nine Tailed-Beast and insert it directly into himself without waking up the Juubi?

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