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Bleach Episode 326 – The Battle Hungry Beast

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Bleach - 326 - Kenpachi1

What a boss. Why dodge when you can just take it? This is why Kenpachi is awesome

Yeah Kenpachi was badass this episode and overall this episode was really entertaining and eventful. Rolling like the boss he is and dispatching with whatever gets in his way with brutal slashes and savage punches and kicks (poor ninja…). No need for flashy Zanpakuto releases or lengthy Kido incarnations, just good old entertaining crude fighting =).

Bleach - 326 - Kenpachi4

His not satisfied yet! More blood!

Got to love it when Kenpachi is free to do what Kenpachi wants – by far one of the best Captains in the Gotei 13. I still wonder what his zanpakuto would be if he were able to “speak” with it…oh well Kubo will reveal it if and when he wants to.

Also I noticed, there wasn’t must blood coming out of the ninja when they were brutally slashed =(. Is gore becoming less in anime such as Bleach (the shounen anime)? Anyway it’s a shame Komamura interrupted the [Fake] Soi Fon vs Kenpachi battle, I was looking forward to it =(. Well at least now I get to see Komamura take her on (hopefully he beats her).

Bleach Episode 326 - Yamamoto Genryuusei1

He doesn't smile much, and it is terrifying having him look down on you...

Got some action from Yamamoto Genryuusei, but not enough! Luckily the preview shows this fight continuing on in the next episode, though it looks like he’ll be breaking quite the sweat. The Big Boss taking on Kyouraku, Ukitake and Unohana with just one arm, hahah that is something. It’s crazy just how much stronger Yamamoto is to the next strongest person in Gotei 13.

Bleach Episode 326 - Kon-sama1

Oh Ishida, I had no idea you were like that...

This scene had me laughing hard…hahah Kon, you sure know how to bring in the humour for Bleach. Now we all know what Kon is like when he has that look Ishida had just before (staring at Nozomi intently =P). And Kon finally showing signs of the feelings (love?) he feels for Nozomi? Well they are somewhat both a like (both Tsundere)  and they have bonded quite nicely over the last few episodes. Now all Kon needs is a body of his own (Kisuke should really organise his man Kon aka. Karakura Raizer up with one).

Bleach Episode 326 - Kon-sama3

He so has feelings for her!

Denying the truth huh Kon-sama? I wonder how he’ll feel when this arc ends and Nozomi  has to go away/disappear =(. Along with Kenpachi, Yamamoto, and Kon, Yoruichi also makes the episode good – I was pleasantly surprised by her appearance.

Saving Toshirou from his emotion-wrecked state, though you can’t blame the guy, he stabbed the girl he has deep feelings for and it almost resulted in her death (a shame she survived but some other cooler characters – the Espada, which received less serious looking wounds ended up death…oh cruel Bleach world…). I did like the strategy Kageroza has the [fake] Hinamori’s employ – fooling a shaken Toshirou into an unguarded state and striking =). Yoruichi shows him how it’s done with dispatching the two [fake] Hinamori’s with a Shunko empowered kick.

Bleach Episode 326 - Yoruichi1

I'm surprised Toshirou is still standing after taking that many stabs with his body...

Yoruichi is awesome (yes she is one of my favourite Bleach characters). I await the day when Kubo decides to reveal what Yoruichi’s zanpakuto shikai and bankai forms are =). I love hand-to-hand combat, so I have no problem watching Yoruichi be more badass with her current fighting style and using Shunko (I actually want to see more of her and Kisuke in Bleach).

Bleach Episode 326 - Yoruichi3

The Goddess of Flash - Shihoin Yoruichi

To make things more interesting and eventful this episode, Ichigo also had a piece of the action (a brief piece). Kageroza manipulating the Dangai is able to summon Ichigo to him and engage him in combat. With Kageroza’s Time/Space Manipulation ability, he is easily able to lead Ichigo into another Dangai portal leading to some [isolated] space in the Dangai dimension which keeps Ichigo out of Kageroza’s way. Kageroza is unable to create a Regai (clone) out of Ichigo because Ichigo is neither human, pure shinigami or pure hollow – yeah Ichigo is so awesome his all three! In short because Ichigo is an unaccountable variable Kageroza fears Ichigo’s presence.

Bleach Episode 326 - Ichigo1

Oh Ichigo, don't let that chump show you up!

Ichigo is confronted with the Koutotsu (the Dangai Sweeper) and as a result of being isolated in that subspace(?) his reiatsu disappears from Kisuke’s scanner computer. Everyone is shocked, but I bet Kisuke has something up his sleeve specifically planned for this or he could just figure something out – he is that type of badass character after all =D.

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