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Naruto Chapter 542-543 – The Strongest Tag-Team

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Naruto - A and B Fist Bump

"Through these fists, we understand each other, and that's what makes us "brothers"!!"

Glad I decided to wait last week and read both of these chapters together this week, because they were both really good, especially when read together. The story of A and B was pretty awesome, interesting to see how different A was before he became Raikage. A took to heart the words Killer B’s cousin told him and gave B that “something” to fill the hole in his heart which the 8-Tails would have exploited. A back than really did act like a big brother to Killer B and gave B that support which Jinchuuriki desperately need to keep on living as themselves.

This scene got me good, it was great and it’s probably the reason why Killer B was able to remain himself when he held the 8-Tails inside him:

Naruto Chapter 542 - A and B fist bump

Powerful words from A that creates that "something" inside B's heart which carries him through the hardships and suffering he faces

Minato vs A was quite the badass fight, even if short. Watching Minato perform his Shunshin no Jutsu (body flicker technique) always gets me excited – teleportation, how cool.

Naruto Chapter 542 - Minato vs A

Minato vs A - coloured by Marayu9 (http://marayu9.deviantart.com)

The question Minato posed A at the end of chapter 542 was really fitting and relevant, since Minato himself was in a similar position to A – becoming Kage of Konoha and having his wife, Kushina, have the Kyuubi sealed inside her. It makes you wonder why Minato was so mature for such a young shinobi and Hokage – Jiraiya really was one great sensei (oh Jiraiya, /tear).

Naruto - The Flashes by klnothincomin

"The Flashes" by klnothincomin (http://klnothincomin.deviantart.com)

Didn’t expect chapter 543 to carry on the Minato vs A fight, but it did =D, and you have to be impressed by Minato’s battle proficiency as well as Killer B’s style. It’s interesting to see just how much influence Naruto can have on a person, not even Raikage, B’s brother and the closest person to him, doesn’t even know why B is defending Naruto. Tobi didn’t understand why Nagato turned on him, and Tobi probably still doesn’t know how much “power” Naruto wields. Will be intriguing to see how Tobi handles the two characters he can’t understand completely and control (Naruto and Sasuke).

Naruto Chapter 543 - Tsunade's choice

Beckoned by her beliefs; Tsunade steps forward and puts her faith completely in Naruto!

Tsunade!!! I was hoping that she would take action soon and she did this chapter – how exciting. Reinforcing her belief in Naruto with memories of his will and the gamble she made, Tsunade took a stand. Really awesome on her part, it really shows just how faith she places into Naruto – to put her title of Hokage on the line (which she will protect with her life), and just how much she believes in him.

Naruto Chapter 543 - Tsunade's belief

Oh yeah! That's what I've been waiting for; Tsunade expresses her belief in Naruto!

Kishimoto already having established a magnificent foundation for Tsunade’s belief allows for this scene to appear even more amazing. Naruto more than a story about Uzumaki Naruto becoming Hokage, is also a story about how he compelled others to acknowledge him through his tenacity, guts and determination and how he earned the trust from every single person he met – Naruto started out alone and discriminated, but now looking at him, it really is incredible seeing just how far Naruto’s hard work has taken him.

Naruto Chapter 543 - Raikage's duty

Duty and responsibility twisting A's love for B into desperate protection

Raikage, so his duty as the new Raikage forced him into that narrow-minded view he now perceives things from. That overwhelming duty to protect his village and country and the people in it thrust onto his back twisting his once relaxed personality into the black and white decisions he now makes. Raikage wasn’t wrong in wanting to protect his village and country, but his need to carry out his duty did leave him blind to Killer B’s desires and individuality. To protect B, A “caged” him inside the village. It reminds me of Air Gear – the Kaito and Agito/Akito relationship (how amazing this was conveyed); love twisted from a [deep] desperation to protect.

Naruto Chapter 543 - Killer B's growth

Empowered by bonds and inspired by words, B surpasses A

Kishimoto continues with his theme of the future generation surpassing the previous generation. That WAS badass by Killer B, and the way Kishimoto set out the scenes in that double page was very awesome. Drawing strength from the powerful words A told him, Killer B surpasses A (as B said he would =P), oh yeah! Got to love how Kishimoto handled the threading of past and present in this chapter – very effective in causing the scenes to be impacting.

Looking forward to next chapter how the Joint Shinobi Alliance will deal with the Zetsu Clones Transformation Jutsu.

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