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Bleach Chapter 452 – “It’s Shuu-chan!”

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Bleach Chapter 452 - Ichigo Fullbring Form

Ichigo's Fullbring Form - colored by bensuit (http://bensuit.deviantart.com)

With a pretty boring start (those first five pages didn’t really convey much) and an average but amusing middle, I wasn’t expecting much from the end, but hahah, guess I was in for a surprise with the cliffhanger which left things off on a very suspenseful and intriguing note (oh more possibilities to think about now).

Seems like Kubo is wanting to make Orhime the new comic relief character in Bleach now. I noticed from early on in this Lost Shinigami Represntative Arc that Kubo’s art style changed for when handling Orihime and conveying her “cluelessness” more often through his art. Now I don’t mind having Orihime take on a more humourous side, but if she is going to be the main “humourous” character in Bleach now on, things are concerning (ah I miss Pesche, Dondochakka and Nel).

Bleach Chapter 452 - Ichigo whining

Oh Ichigo, you sure have beome loose

Anyway moving on, Ichigo sure is complaining a lot now. For someone who took down the main antagonist in Bleach (the immortal Aizen of course) who could have single handily destroyed Gotei 13 (they were basically finished after Yamamoto damaged himself with his kido) and for someone who has the other strongest character (Orihime) completely in love with him, I can’t believe he is finding sets of one hundred push-ups so challenging. Sure he lost his powers, but over these 17 months Ichigo sure got out of shape. Normally over a time-skip you would think the protagonist takes steps forward, but in Ichigo’s case, he has taken several steps back, which is sad…and whatever happened to that determination to get stronger when he desired his powers back?

Bleach Chapter 452 - Fullbring stamina

Ichigo against getting stronger? I'm shocked, I thought he wanted his power back

So you need stamina to utilise the Fullbring power (which works with your physical body), than that means Sado must be packing some serious power if he can strain his physical body further than others? Would be nice to see Ichigo gain more muscle, he is practically skin and bones. Also is the training finally finished? He still needs to reawaken his Shinigami powers completely, so hopefully that process will be shorter than the time it took him to gain his Fullbring power O.o.

Bleach Chapter 452 - Reiatsu accumulation

The way Ginjou is talking so knowledgeably, you'd think there were a book published about how to get your Shinigami powers back...

I’m surprised Ginjou knows so much about how a person who lost their Shinigami powers can go about regaining them – yeah he definitely is hiding something from Ichigo and probably the other Xcution members. It almost seems as if Ginjou himself knows how it feels to lose the Shinigami powers and the feeling of getting it back – it would explain how he knows about “the tiny remnant” of reiatsu accumulating in a single location within Ichigo’s body and having the reiatsu flow from the Shinigami Representative badge kickstart that “remnant” of accumulated reiatsu inside Ichigo.

Bleach Chapter 452 - Ichigo's power

I wonder when the story behind Ichigo's power is going to be covered O.o

Nice that Ginjou told Ichigo to “beef up” because with his Fullbring outfit, he could seriously use more muscle. Still interesting Ginjou knows (with certainty) that Ichigo will “gain a power transcending the Shinigami” – how does Ginjou know this for a fact? hmmmm…

Bleach Chapter 452 - Ichigo's Fullbring - B&w

Oh, a full-body Fullbring, that's awesome (like Jackie's)

Now Ichigo’s Fullbring design is pretty cool – I thought Kamen Rider when I first saw it, but then I was jolted back to last weekend where I played Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 with Ryu Hayabusa’s second ninja outfit. Comparing the two actually makes Ichigo’s outfit look more ridiculous because he hardly has any muscle to show-off the outfits design and badassness. Ryu’s full ninja outfit is epic – it send shivers down my shine just thinking about how badass it is:

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Ryu Hayabusa

Terrifyingly badass and demoniacally cool

That short sword of Ichigo’s (formed from the badge) makes Ichigo’s new outfit look even more similar to a ninja’s look. Now since I’m still in awe over Team Ninja’s designs of Ryu’s outfit, Ichigo’s Fullbring form didn’t impress me much, but leaving comparisons aside, I have to admit, it still looks really cool.

Bleach Chapter 452 - Ichigo's Fullbring Badge Sword

That's one dangerous badge, lets hope customs doesn't find it...

Xcution seems to know A LOT about Ichigo – the fact that his two sisters would be worried about him being out so late and other stuff like how Ginjou knew about the “15” pattern shirts Ichigo wears…curious as to why Ichigo hasn’t confronted Xcution about knowing so much about him (and his family as well as Kisuke). Ichigo should at least know what secrets his “friends” are hiding before beginning to trust them (or stop doubting them).

Bleach Chapter 452 - Fullbring name?

Bladed badge?

I wonder what Ichigo is going to call his Fullbring. Since it seems all the Fullbring names are in English and match what the Fullbring does to an extent, it should be pretty obvious, but hmmmmm…

Bleach Chapter 452 - Yuzu

Oh Ichigo, that doesn't sound like much of an apology, put some heart into it

That’s some dangerously short shorts Yuzu is wearing. I’m sure Isshin wouldn’t dare let his precious daughter go out looking like that in this dangerously perverse world =P.

Anyway still no Shinigami identity reveal =(. But hahah I still love the end of this chapter. I had initially thought it may have been the Shinigami, but the cousin bit peaked my interest and when it was revealed to be Tsukishima, I couldn’t help but be impressed. Tsukishima (or is it “Shuu-chan” hahah) is now one of my favourite new characters introduced this arc (behind Ikumi and Jackie). The way he was sitting there so casually waiting for Ichigo and piercing Ichigo with those polite and powerful words. Great way to end the chapter:

Bleach Chapter 452 - Shuu-chan

Oh Ichigo, it's your cousin Shuu-chan, look more happy to see him would you

Wouldn’t it be something if Aizen was Ichigo’s uncle =). Curious as to where Karin is, did she realise something was up with Tsukishima? Anyway is Tsukishima really Ichigo’s cousin Shuu-chan, or has Shuu-chan just worked his magic on Yuzu? Either way let’s hope the plot starts seriously moving now.

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