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Bleach Chapter 451 – The Cornered Ichigo

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Bleach Chapter 451 - Ichigo's Fullbring

Cornered and desperate, Ichigo unleashes

Finally, Ichigo got his powers back. Let’s hope this lackluster training arc (minus a few fights and developments) will get on it’s way to handling the serious business. And still no mysterious Shinigami being revealed, oh Kubo, what are you playing at? Right now, I’m on the border of not caring who that character is and am just wanting that shinigami to be revealed real soon, just so it can allow for things to actually start proceeding (still I hope it’s Ikumi).

Cool that Ichigo when pushed into a corner unleashed all that desperation in a burst of energy and brought out his Fullbring. What wasn’t cool (in my view) is how Kubo handles Ichigo and continues to portray Ichigo as a fool with a severe lack of insight – Ichigo’s has been manipulated several times already this manga ie. by Gin and by Aizen, and now this arc by Ginjou. This is the second time this arc Ginjou has [incredibly] easily provoked and manipulated Ichigo into doing something he wants. I was annoyed when Ichigo completely and utterly fell for Gin’s word attack, and I was further annoyed when Ichigo lost all his determination and resolve when Aizen sent a few words his way totally crushing Ichigo. I thought Ichigo would have developed or learned about that weakness of himself over the past 17 months, but no, doesn’t look like it, he is just as easily pushed and pulled in any direction a person with smart word use wants as before.

Bleach Chapter 451 - Ginjou's provocation

And Ichigo succumbs psychologically to Ginjou's words...

What makes this all the more sad for me is the fact that Ichigo is able to get over his friends saying he is weak and he can’t do anything (yeah that sure worked when Sado told Ichigo he had no chance against Tsukishima, /wink) but Ichigo listens to his enemies and believes them when they say he is weak and useless? What happened to the “I don’t care, this is what I got to do” side of Ichigo when he faces off against an “enemy”? Ichigo doesn’t doubt himself when his comrades say it’s too much for him to handle, but as soon as the enemy tells him that, doubt and fear rushes in and he begins to break down…ah I miss the [badass] Hollow Ichigo.

Bleach Chapter 451 - Ginjou's plan

And that's it, Ichigo's final button pushed...standby for energy overload...

The fact that someone needs to play the victim for Ichigo to rage and power-up is also dull for me – can’t Ichigo find the will and resolve to get stronger on his own? Does Ichigo really need someone to be in trouble for him to feel the need to power-up? And are we going to have more characters put in situations like this when Ichigo needs to power-up? Are we seriously going to have more damsels-in-distress? And does it have to be Orihime once again? …Anyway it’s obvious I’m not a fan of this formula Kubo employs, but at least Ichigo has finally unleashed his Fullbring =D. I understand the formula Kubo uses forces Ichigo into the type of situation where Ichigo faced with uselessness and desperation is forced to push forward himself and unleash the limitless(?) power he wields, but it’s not very enjoyable seeing Ichigo get pushed around (the way he is this arc) and other characters being forced to play the victim.

Bleach Chapter 451 - Ichigo's power

Pushed and pulled, Ichigo has finally had enough

I was expecting Ginjou to play a type of villain role to force Ichigo to unleash his powers, but even with what Ginjou did this chapter, I still don’t trust him – ‘the best place to put a trap is right after a trap, the moment a person lets their guard down the most due to the relief they feel of overcoming the first trap’ – something like that. In fact I’m more suspicious of Ginjou now that he is going so far to help Ichigo get his powers back. We have no idea what exactly Ginjou’s motives are and they could be completely different than what he told Ichigo (it doesn’t appear to me the Xcution members “dislike” their Hollow-like powers, especially Ginjou).

Bleach Chapter 451 - Ginjou

Ginjou reveals the process of releasing the Fullbring power

Ichigo’s Fullbring looks interesting – it does remind me of Sado’s Fullbring, especially the style. Will be good to see what Ichigo is now capable of doing. Hopefully Ichigo doesn’t need more training, but if he does, hopefully it’s covered quickly…

Bleach Chapter 451 - Ginjou's act

And so Ginjou is not that bad of a guy, or is he?

Yukio’s Fullbring is quite impressive, if a person doesn’t have enough power to avoid being ported into his gaming system, than they are pretty much overwhelmed by the rules imposed by his world. Kind of reminds me of the “game” Kyouraku’s Shikai forces the participant or participants in when they are in the area of effect. Looking forward to seeing how Yukio’s power will be combated against.


Bleach Episode 325 - Yamamoto Genryuusai

Yamamoto Genryuusai vs Kyouraku, Ukitake and Unohana - how awesome

Anyway at this point, I’m looking forward to the Bleach anime filler arc more than this manga arc. Seriously Kyouraku, Ukitake and Unohana vs Yamamoto Genryuusai – I have been wondering how such a fight would turn out for a long time. Even if the fight is interrupted or is stopped somehow, I hope we at least get a few minutes of action of Yamamoto taking on all three of those Captains. Also Nozomi is more interesting than the Fullbringers at this point in time and in my opinion her [Tsundere] personality is immensely more likable than Riruka’s. Kon-sama’s coverage in this filler arc is awesome =D. How entertaining it is to watch two Tsundere characters (Kon and Nozomi) conflict and get along with one another:

Bleach Episode 321 - Nozomi Kuujo

Kon, how awkward =P

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