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Naruto Chapter 541 – Resolute Words

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Naruto chapter 541 - Naruto determined

Determinded eyes and energized soul, Naruto races forward

What an amazing chapter. The skirmish between the Raikage and Naruto was great, but what truly made this chapter was the double page where Naruto stood up for his father and expressed with passion and anger that the Fourth Hokage did not fail!

Naruto chapter 541 - Raikage 2

That's one dangerous can of worms the Raikage is opening

How incredible that scene was handled by Kishimoto, the build-up with the Raikage stating the Fourth Hokage failed in saving the world and Naruto flashing through what his parents have given and scarificed for him, and erupting to speak those manificent words, those words which will echo through the whole of the Naruto manga – “The Fourth Hokage didn’t fail at all!!”

Naruto chapter 541 - Naruto

Love filled heart and pride filled roots, Naruto expresses the weight behind his resolve

It’s great to see Naruto holding so much belief in himself. Kushina and Minato were great shinobi and of course amazing parents, to see them put all their faith into Naruto and to see Naruto take all that to heart, it was just moving. Kushina and Minato weren’t able to raise Naruto, but you can clearly see how strong those bonds (and love) between parent and child are and you can clearly see Kushina and Naruto through Naruto. That double page is definitely one of the great moments in the entire manga of Naruto =D.

Naruto chapter 541 - Raikage 1

That is some praise, Minato really was THAT great!

Another great development this chapter is to learn that Minato really was THAT strong. Straight from the Raikage’s mouth, Minato was the fastest Shinobi when he was alive. Interesting that the Raikage stated Minato was a man “he thought would never be surpassed”, because it really does look like the Raikage is going to be blasted into awe. Right before him is the shinobi that will surpass the man the Raikage thought would never be surpassed.

I’m curious as to how the Raikage knew Naruto was Minato’s son – it does seem like the other nations have done some extensive research on other nations Tailed Beast.

Naruto chapter 541 - Raikage's view

The black and white view of the Raikage

Raikage really does have a narrow-minded view of the world, seeing the Tailed Beast as mere weapons and tools used to power-up a nation and shift the balance of power within the Shinobi world. This is how the shinobi world works and shinobi are treated as tools of a nation, but such a view is truly sad. Raikage is fully aware that killing Naruto (not that I think he could) will ‘hit two birds with one stone’, he will delay Tobi’s plan and weaken Konoha’s military power by a substantial amount. Would have have been interesting if Danzou was in Tsunade’s place – since he was all about Konoha’s well-being, he would most likely have stepped in and attempted to stop the Raikage from attacking Naruto to prevent the loss of a major source of power of Konoha. Will be interesting to see what Tsunade will end up doing.

Naruto chapter 541 - Tsunade

Bound by position and responsibility, Tsunade stopped from doing what she wants

Speaking of Tsunade, I really looking forward to seeing her in action. I recently watched those early Naruto episodes where the Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru reunion took place. It was incredibly awesome seeing Tsunade lay the smack-down on Orochimaru when she overcame her fear of blood, sure Orochimaru couldn’t use his arms, but Tsunade pushing herself passed her physical and mental limits and thrashing Orochimaru to the point of beating the [fake] skin right off his face was certainly a pleasure to watch. Tsunade, once exposed to the massive presence of Naruto, couldn’t help but like him and believe in him. Tsunade is one of the few characters (along with Hinata, Kakashi, Jiriaya, Minato, Kushina, Nagato and Konan) that truly believes in Naruto, but Tsunade is still on the very edge of the cliff, she needs that one extra push to see her completely off that cliff. It seems like that time is going to come soon (well I hope so O.o), the time where Tsunade realises, “this is IT, this is the one, this is the person who WILL save the world, and change it.” At that point, just like how Jiraiya, Konan, Nagato, Minato and Kushina felt when they sacrificed themselves, Tsunade will reach a point where she truly believes Naruto can do it.

It also seems like Naruto’s actions, words and presence has had an effect and influence on Killer Bee. Does Killer Bee really also think Naruto can end this Shinobi War? Or does Killer Bee want to see if Naruto can really do the impossible?

Naruto chapter 541 - Raikage and Killer Bee

Face to face and connected, the brothers reflect on the past

Didn’t realise there was more meaning to the fist bump than I initially thought – how cool. A way to connect and understand one another.

Naruto chapter 541 - Killer Bee and Raikage flashback

Seperated yet connected, A and B join together

The Killer Bee and Raikage flashback is interesting, so Killer Bee and A weren’t brothers by blood, curious to learn more about their history. Also will be good to learn more about the history of Kumogakure and have it fleshed out more =).

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