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The Formation of a Dimension

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Air Gear

The formation of 12Dimension

Greetings everyone and no-one.

12Dimension exist as a space for me to put my thoughts out there on certain things, primarily anime and manga but I ‘m not limiting myself to only that. I may write about my thoughts about games I’ve played – thanks to Final Fantasy XIII which I recently played, I’ve got a lot more interested in gaming again (I love that game).

I hang around the forums of Twelve, especially the Anime forums. But thanks to a friend of mine on those forums, who desired to have the reach of my writing expanded, I decided to create this blog.  Not sure how popular this blog will become (if popular at all O.o) but I do enjoy writing (I’m surprised myself) and I really do love Japanese animation and manga – it inspires me and moves me like no other entertainment medium does.

I will make an effort to update this blog regularly, but in a few weeks I will be busy with other things, so the content here may decrease, but I still plan on keeping this blog active.

Anyway with that, a new dimension is formed.

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