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Naruto Chapter 538-540 – The Beginning of the Moonlit Night

How interesting, these recent chapters have been extremely cool. While the story of what Tobi exactly plans to do has been covered in bits here and there and has been progressing slowly this arc, I am quite content with Masashi … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 449 – The Arc Taking Flight

…or beginning to anyway… Oh wow, I’ll have to rate this one of the best chapter of this arc (Lost Shinigami Representative Arc) so far and it really got me interested in what else this arc has in store. The … Continue reading

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The Formation of a Dimension

Greetings everyone and no-one. 12Dimension exist as a space for me to put my thoughts out there on certain things, primarily anime and manga but I ‘m not limiting myself to only that. I may write about my thoughts about … Continue reading

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