One Piece Chapter 770 – Pride

One Piece chapter 770 - Hajrudin's pride

In order to repay his debt, he surpasses his limitations…

Relevant to the chapter and the characters featured within is an emotion overwhelming in its nature yet invigorating in its embrace. Stemming from the perception of ones worth, it drives its holder forward with the desire to express the value they embody. It empowers yet afflicts, such an emotion capable of existing as either a virtue or a vice is the emotion known as pride. Bellamy with his pride of being able to decide his own fate, Zoro with his pride of becoming the best swordsman, and Hajrudin with his pride as an Elbaf warrior. Each of those characters faced with a seemingly insurmountable wall, place their belief in the pride they hold in their ability to surpass their limitations.

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Bleach Chapter 609 – The Almighty

Bleach chapter 609 - The Almighty

Of course Yhwach had something like that up his sleeve to turn a hopeless situation completely around

So he finally reveals his true self, the man capable of bleaching out the blackest black. I was waiting for this all the while wondering how exactly Yhwach will go about turning around the hopeless situation he found himself in against Ichibei. Getting overwhelmed by Ichibei was just a step in overcoming him, thanks to the ability Yhwach has in managing to understand the workings of any powers while perceiving it or so Haschwalth says. Yhwach was able to nullify Ichibei’s power on himself at the end and instantly turn the tables on the situation. I’m sure Ichibei spilling the beans regarding his abilities helped as well but I suppose even if Ichibei omitted expressing any words to Yhwach and focused solely on crushing him, the result would have still been same. Such a shame that Ichibei was forced to face such an opponent, one not able to be defeated until the main character is ready.

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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 97 – The Autumn Election Final

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 97 - The Autmn Election finalist

Who will reign victorious?

So it begins, the match to determine the champion of the Autumn Election. I can’t say I’m surprised that Ryou and Akira looked down on Souma when he revealed the pacific saury he prepared, but I was honestly surprised that both of them dismissed completely any plan Souma may have had for preparing his pacific saury in the way he did. Sure fresh fish may be advantageous in the match, but do they really believe that they can’t be wrong? That there isn’t other methods to approach cooking from? Well regardless of the looks Ryou and Akira gave Souma when they prematurely concluded that Souma was destined for third place, I am actually looking forward to the faces the two of them and the audience will make when Souma reveals the real effect of the pacfic saury he has prepared.

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Bleach Chapter 608 – The Blackest BLACK

Bleach chapter 608 - Ichibei vs Yhwach

Ichibei can be quite the demon at times =P

Ichibei just keeps surprising, I am almost tempted to believe that he will end Yhwach here and prematurely end the Bleach series. Alas, such a development cannot happen and Ichibei will ultimately fail in stopping Yhwach, leaving the concluding battle in the series to be handled by the protagonist, Ichigo. Knowing that Ichibei is going to be unsuccessful in stopping Yhwach, I am curious to see how exactly Yhwach will overcome Ichibei when he has been completely overwhelmed by Ichibei this entire fight. I can’t help but worry that Yhwach has some Bleach up his sleeve to clean away the blackest of black =/.

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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 94-96 – Surpassing The “Season”

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 95 - Souma's plan

In order to surpass Akira and Ryou he will surpass the “Season”

I’m beginning to wonder if Akira and Ryou are even human, especially after they keep revealing just how inhuman the feats they achieve are. Choosing the freshness of an ingredient by instinct and smell? I feel sorry for any normal person that has to go up against them in the future =(. Thankfully though, Souma has a skill-set of his own that is equally as inhuman, his ability to creatively cut through any wall that stands to block him. I was wondering how Souma would go about balancing the advantage Akira and Ryou have over him when it comes to the ability of judging the freshness of an ingredient. And as we have all come to love, Souma once again goes about defying the logic of expectation and opens the door of innovation many fail to even perceive. I am incredibly excited to see where this decision by Souma will lead and how it will stand up against Akira and Ryou’s dishes.

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One Piece Chapter 769 – Embrace Of Death

One Piece chapter 769 - Doflamingo VS Law

Doflamingo is quite the guy being able to handle himself with such composure despite having a hole in his abdomen

Even with a hole through his abdomen, Doflamingo still handles himself like nothing is wrong. Either Doflamingo doesn’t feel the injury he just sustained, which is highly unlikely, or Doflamingo is just an incredibly great actor and holds himself in manner that fools his opponent into perceiving that he is fine. Law definitely did manage to injure Doflamingo but Doflamingo is able to read Law so well that when Doflamingo isn’t distracted, he is able to defend against all of Law’s attacks despite his injuries. Doflamingo has been able to regain the flow of the battle and now has Law at his mercy, whom he intends to reward with the embrace of death. With Luffy about to return to the top of the Royal Palace, it will be interesting to see what Doflamingo ends up doing.

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Bleach Chapter 607 – Paint It Black

Bleach chapter 607 - Ichimonji

Ichibei unleashes on Yhwach

Of course Yhwach had the ability to restore his power back to normal…What other counters does Yhwach have up his sleeve which he plans to use right after an ability affects him? The fight he is going to have with Ichigo should be quite interesting indeed. Anyway, I was impressed by Ichibei this chapter, I was expecting him to be completely overwhelmed by Yhwach, but it turns out he is actually putting up on decent fight and has Yhwach overwhelmed for the moment. The gleeful Ichibei sure can be frightening when he has an opponent entirely disrespectful of the standards he abides by. Will be fascinating to see how Yhwach ends up overcoming Ichibei, if he does that is.

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