Naruto Chapter 690 – Kaguya Sealed

Naruto chapter 690 - Kaguya sealed

Kaguya, along with the Shinju, are sealed inside the Chibaku Tensei seal

Now that Kaguya has been sealed with the Chibaku Tensei jutsu, I am left confused about her purpose in the story and the role she ended up serving. Why did she even need so much chakra in the end? And most importantly, where does the Shinju fit in all of this? Was it the Shinju controlling Kaguya, in order to gather all chakra in one point, or was it actually Kaguya controlling herself (and the Shinju chakra), intending to gather chakra to end humanity? Without knowing the circumstances that forced Kaguya to act in the way she did, I can’t understand the role she was meant to serve in the story =/.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 397 – To Live With Meaning

Fairy Tail chapter 397 - Gajeel's advancing his iron into steel

It is interesting to see how in certain cases curses empower magic

What an unexpected flashback from Gajeel, to think there was something brooding within Gajeel’s heart and at the back of his mind. To acknowledge the void within his heart and to find a way to live his life in a meaningful manner, such thoughts over the years began to become more understandable and meaningful to Gajeel, that after his defeat to Natsu when he was in Phantom, Gajeel made the decision to change the way he lives his life. On top of that, the regret Gajeel feels at being unable to save the mother-figure in his life, one of the magic council members, Master Berno, must have hurt incredibly hard for him, especially when he really wanted to show her how he has changed and repay her for all her kindness and love.

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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 85-89 – Nightmares Unleashed

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 85 - Hell unleashed

The revival of the Demon Clan approaches ever so closer

So Hendricksen had something like that still up his sleeve, what a crafty fellow he is. To awaken the demon blood within the New Generation Holy Knights and force that blood to transform the bodies of the host into creatures one would expect to reside within nightmares. Hendricksen even utilised the obsession Vivian had for Gilthunder to his advantage in order to immobilize Melodias and acquire Elizabeth. It should be interesting to see what happens with Hendricksen at the conclusion of this arc and whether all the work he has put into reviving the Demon Clan amounts to anything at the end because there is that unnerving feeling hanging in the air that the Demon Clan is about to become a serious threat within the story soon.

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One Piece Chapter 757 – Taking Down The Donquixote Pirates

One Piece chapter 757 - Robin vs Gladius

Robin about to unleash!

What a shame it is that Doflamingo hasn’t gotten the memo of his inevitable end and still tries desperately to be a jerk and ruin the lives of thousands of people as well as the beauty of an entire country. I guess whatever he has coming to him, he so wholly deserves. Hopefully it won’t be long now until Luffy smashes Doflamingo in the face expressing the feeling every citizen of Dressrosa has towards Doflamingo. Bartolomeo and Robin pretty much summed up Luffy’s charm nicely, he is someone you wouldn’t mind betting your life on.

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Naruto Chapter 689 – Team 7 VS Kaguya

Naruto chapter 689 - immobilizing Kaguya

So much can happen in the span of a second…

That was quite the exhilarating battle which featured all the members of Team 7 (save Sai) in one way or another in trying to successfully immobilize Kaguya to begin sealing her. Despite Kaguya’s best attempts in trying to slither away from the barrage of attacks and counter attacks, everything she defended and attacked with was just unable to stop the strength of Konoha’s team 7. With her on the edge of being sealed, will she be able to get herself out of this situation or is this really the end of Kaguya? And what about the Shinju, when will it finally show up in its true complete form?

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Bleach Chapter 593 – Mayuri’s Wonderland

Bleach chapter 593 - Mayuri's happiness

Even when he smiles he creeps you out, what a unique guy Mayuri…

Unless you are Kisuke, don’t ever follow the “rabbit” that is Mayuri down the hole towards the “Wonderland” that is a world of torment and suffering waiting for you thanks to his drugs and unnerving taunts. Toushirou should have just died and saved himself the mental anguish and suffering he is currently subjected to. To be caught inside some ridiculous scrapping of reality, I too am bemused at the exact functionality of Mayuri’s drug which he administered to Toushirou at some point during their battle in a yet-to-be-revealed way. Whatever the case, Mayuri’s smile when caught up in his excitement over torturing others is quite the chilling gesture.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 396 – Gajeel VS Torafusa

Fairy Tail chapter 396 - Torafusa's black water of darkness

Now we talking! Seeing Fairy Tail mages pushed to the extremes of their abilities is always exciting!

I was curious to see how Torsafusa and Tempesta would mount a counter attack on Natsu and Gajeel when they were so fired up, and it looks like Torafusa still had more to show after all. To be able to summon a massive body of water to cover such a large volume of space, that curse of Torafusa’s is quite something. Gajeel with the limited oxygen he has definitely has his work cut out for him but thanks to Levy, his life was saved allowing him to continue fighting.

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