Fairy Tail Chapter 405-406 – The Fury Of Mard Geer

Fairy Tail chapter 406 - Mard Geer, the Dark King

Overwhelming and overpowering, Mard Geer showcases his terrifying strength

Interesting, so Mard Geer does have some bite to back his bark, I was worried for a moment there that him being too overconfident in his abilities would let him get complacent during his battle with the Dragon Slayers and ultimately have his perception of humans erupt into flames. Still that may happen, but it looks like Natsu and Co. will need to come up with some drastic strategy to even begin to get Mard Geer serious. I wonder if Mard Geer will even be defeated this arc or whether it will conclude with the Face plan failing and Mard Geer retreating with E.N.D.

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Naruto Chapter 698 – The Fated Battle: Naruto

Naruto Chapter 698 - Naruto and Sasuke

With everything they have, they collide

One really does have to admire Naruto’s determination and guts to never stay down and give up, despite a situation seeming improbable and hopelessly devoid of any hope, he still manages to back himself and commit himself to the decision he has made. And through that belief he has in himself, he ultimately does find a path forward. Life itself can be filled with such despair that in those moments you can’t help but feel empty, numb and just plain depressed, so I have always seen Naruto’s ability to rise above his worries and continue forward with such energy as inspiring. Naruto grew up in tragic circumstances, but the way in which he embraced the situation instead of having it consume him has been one of the qualities in Naruto that I have truly admired. I guess deep down Sasuke also respected such qualities in Naruto and came to connect with him.

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Bleach Chapter 603 – REVIVAL

Bleach chapter 603 - Revival

Of course Yhwach could do that…

And I thought it was over, how wrong I was. Yhwach’s “Elite Force” is far from defeated it seems, all thanks to Yhwach reviving them. None of the Sternritter in the Elite Force impressed me, so seeing them get up to receive another beating isn’t all that exciting, although I wonder now with Yhwach reviving them if they are stronger and/or unable to die =/. It is going to be interesting to see how explains exactly what happened and whether Yhwach can continue reviving his “Elite Force” when they are down.

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One Piece Chapter 765 – Operation Silent

One Piece chapter 765 - Operation Silent

It begins…without a sound…

The Ope Ope no Mi, the light of salvation at the end of the darkness gripping the very life of a young boy victim to the greed of minds unconcerned for any interest outside their own. A legendary Devil Fruit capable of performing “miracles” and the only solution available to Law for curing his Amber Lead Sickness. Rosinante, aware of the state Law is in and the lack of time available to him, resolves to go against both the Donquixote Pirates and the Marines, in order to secure the Ope Ope no Mi and save Law.

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Naruto Chapter 697 – The Fated Battle: Sasuke

Naruto chapter 697 - Goodbye my friend - colour by HikariNoGiri (http://hikarinogiri.deviantart.com)

Farewell my one and only friend – colour by HikariNoGiri

I am going to be honest here, but I seriously can’t come to like this battle, be it because it is a battle between friends or just because it feels so dam forced or both, I really am not enjoying it. I would have enjoyed it much more if the final antagonist of the series was the Shinju and the Naruto and Sasuke conflict was settled much earlier. The Naruto and Sasuke battle may have been fated, but relative to the weight the Shinju fight held, this battle feels so weak and forgettable. It doesn’t feel like it connects with the rest of the story, I just can’t help but feel that it is only included in the story because Kishimoto-sensei forced it in rather than it arising naturally through the flow of the story.

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Bleach Chapter 602 – Death Comes Knocking

Bleach chapter 602 - Askin "the Death Dealing"

If only Askin wasn’t so generous with the information he shared with his enemy…

So that is what Askin’s “Death Dealing” ability is, to be able to manipulate a person’s lethal dose tolerance to a substance, how fascinating. Initially I was wondering where the chapter was going when it began talking about the concept of “lethal dose”, but once Askin revealed how he would apply it in the battle against Ohetsu, it made sense. Unfortunately for Askin, he wasn’t up against just one Zero Division member, Tenjirou joined in and pretty much nullified the effect “Death Dealing” had on Ohetsu. I guess Askin only has his allies to blame for getting disposed of so easily and Yhwach for just standing there like a chump and not doing anything useful to assist.

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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 90 – Into The Fire

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 90 - Akira vs Ryou

Who will face Souma in the final? The battle begins…

So it begins, the battle to determine the chef who ends up facing Souma in the Autumn Election final. Both Ryou and Akira have shown themselves to be incredibly talented chefs who have different styles of cooking and ways of approaching challenges, so whoever wins, the battle they will have with Souma in the Autumn Election final should certainly be grand and epic.

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