One Piece Chapter 745 – Doflamingo’s Game

One Piece chapter 745 - Doflamingo's Game

The Joker finally reveals his true colours, but will things go as he plans?

I was curious to see what card Doflamingo had up his sleeve to save both himself and the SMILE factory from being destroyed and it seems he has pulled out one big joker that has changed this arc dramatically. From position of seemingly being defeated to one where he holds a stronger position over the ones seeking his downfall, and what’s worse, he has pitted the whole nation against those he deems problematic to him and his plans – namely the Strawhats.

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Naruto Chapter 674 – Naruto And Sasuke VS Madara II

Naruto chapter 674 - All or Nothing - colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (

All or Nothing – colour by IITheYahikoDarkII

So we finally learn what “Limbo” is…some sort of ability that allows Madara to separate himself into two forms, one capable of being seen and the other only able to be seen by the Rinnegan and felt by Sage/Bijuu Mode. It was an interesting chapter seeing Sasuke get used to his Rinnegan and analysing Madara’s abilities in order to derive a strategy Naruto and he can use to get a hit in. The end of the chapter was a shock though, did not expect Kakashi to be targeted, but in hindsight, it makes sense.

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Bleach Chaper 578 – The Double-Edged Imagination

Bleach chapter 578 - Zaraki Kenpachi

And he didn’t even need to take his eye patch off, what a beast Zaraki Kenpachi

Well that was a fitting end to the battle, Gremmy killing himself through the perception of Zaraki he had formed within his mind. It was an excessively stretched out fight, especially with the result being obvious from onset, Zaraki was not going to lose to Gremmy, but at least it is over now and we can move on to the other battles and/or other characters. Still, now the Sternritter realises how dangerous Zaraki has become and that is exciting.

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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 73-74 – The Sin Of The Fairy King

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 73.5 - King and Helbram

The regret of failing to protect a friend…

A friendship twisted by unfortunate and tragic circumstances and a fate conflicted by emotion. King and Helbram, a bond of brotherhood divided by the cruelty of man and their insatiable curiosity. Each behind their individual reasons now stand against each other to express the depths of their regret onto the other. Torn asunder from the love he once embraced humans with, betrayal and torment now drive Helbram to extinguish all that he once loved. And King, with repentance weighing heavy on him, moves forward to end the suffering of his best friend. In the end, the totality of the circumstances erupt into sorrow and sadness.

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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 67 – Megumi’s Confidence

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 67 - Megumi's change in perspective

Any apprehension or dread she holds has totally disappeared…those eyes express a harmonious state of mind

Those eyes of Megumi’s when she was walking out to the center of the arena, they conveyed so much determination and belief. I am not exactly sure what Megumi did to prepare herself, but she really does look more relaxed and centered, a total contrast to her usual flustered self. Right now Megumi does seem to be in state in which she could defeat someone of Ryou’s level, especially if she remains focused and confident in her abilities (which is unique amount the current students in the first year).

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Fairy Tail Chapter 381 – Mirajane VS Sayla

Fairy Tail chapter 381 - Sayla VS Mirajane 1

That is one amazingly illustrated panel, I love the effect Sayla creates when she cast her curse

That was a great chapter. To get a flashback of Mirajane, Elfman and Lisanna and how they came about attaining the ability to use their respective Take Over magics, it was a pleasant surprise and a great addition to their character development, especially collectively as a family. And as with the nature of a family, when one member is in trouble, the others come to their aid. This was shown in the previous chapter when Mirajane destroyed Tartarus’s lab to aid Fairy Tail and in the climax of this chapter when Mirajane forced herself and her magic to Take Over Sayla’s macro ability and command Elfman to blindside Sayla with a ferocious attack and save his family. Seeing both Mirajane outsmart Sayla and Elfman redeem himself for his earlier actions, it was enjoyably satisfying.

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Naruto Chapter 673 – Naruto And Sasuke VS Madara

Naruto chapter 673 - We Will - colour by the103orjagrat (

The showdown of the manga has arrived! Two severed bonds are about to converge once again! – colour by 103orjagrat

What an epic chapter. After the past few chapters of having this fight built up so immensely, the culmination of those developments really did manifest in a sensational manner. Both Naruto and Sasuke in their ascended forms standing against Madara who has now absorbed the Shinju inside him, as Obito had previously done, thus becoming the new Juubi Jinchuuriki. What is interesting though is the voice Madara heard from the Shinju and the new powers Naruto and Sasuke possess. This final battle for the world really is shaping up to be one exciting climax of the manga.

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