Fairy Tail Chapter 393-394 – The Bond Between Father And Son

Fairy Tail chapter 393 - Gray and Silver

The feelings that can’t be held back…

In hindsight, the truth concerning Silver’s circumstances seems so obvious but prior to learning about that, the little lies Mashima-sensei utilised to misdirect attention away from Silver’s situation ended up being quite effective. Silver as well, he put on a good act for the most part, and all so he could teach Gray an important lesson in realising what truly matters. Without that Gray would have still been haunted by his nightmares of Deliora. Silver may have been dead for 17 years and forced Gray into a situation he never wanted to be in, but for all intents and purposes, in the end Silver was great father to Gray, expressing the affection and love both Mika and he have for Gray through that momentary embrace which will be a lasting memory for Gray.

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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 78-79 – Within The Demon’s Grasp

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 79 - within the demon's grasp

In the end there was nothing Takumi could have done once becoming ensnared in Subaru’s web

Subaru is immensely more dangerous than I had initially expected, it is one thing to research a person and foresee the dish they will make based on that research but it totally another thing to predict their actions under pressure based on their individual characteristics and experiences. For Subaru to be able to entrap Takumi so completely, the ability he has in analysing a person and extrapolating defining features in them enabling him to trace their movements even before the person acts, what a dangerous ability it is which Subaru has cultivated.

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One Piece Chapter 754 – Zoro VS Pica

One Piece chapter 754 - Zoro's 1080 Pound Cannon

Well dam, that was awesome. Robin’s “you’ve gotten more powerful” reaction was great

Now we know what happens when Zoro unsheathes his swords, things get annihilated. Thanks for coming Pica, but you never stood a chance, best find some place to hide now that you are caught between a rock and a hard place. Man that smile of Zoro’s is so satisfying to see after he unleashes. It is about time he made the Donquixote Pirates aware of how demonic and terrifying he can be. Hopefully Robin and Franky get moments to shine as well this arc.

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Naruto Chapter 686 – Obito’s Scarifice

Naruto chapter 686 - Obito and Kakashi - colour by StingCunha (http://stingcunha.deviantart.com)

Ready to protect the future – colour by StingCunha

It is said that ‘circumstances don’t make a man, they reveal one’ and that is exactly what happened to Obito in the current chapter. Obito may have walked away from his principles and dreams when he encountered Madara and after he lost so much, but through all that and the circumstances he has faced, he has now awakened to who he really is. From a lost soul hoping for destruction and delusion, to one now aware of the voice in his heart and soul, Obito has manifested the resolve to walk in front of everyone on this path filled with darkness and pain in order to lead them all into a reality less destructive than the one he suffered in.

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Bleach Chapter 590 – The Incandescent Mayuri

Bleach chapter 590 - Arrancar

Colour me shocked, what an unexpected twist

What a satisfyingly glorious chapter. Mayuri just knows how to bring the classy to weird and dam does he get down to business fast. That swagger he brings with his superiority complex can be ridiculously enjoyable to witness at times. His personality just like his outfit outshines all others.  As for Giselle and Bambietta, I find myself quite disturbed by the implied context of their exchange concerning Bambietta’s “needs”. Thankfully though Mayuri was there to sanitize the situation with his scientific grandeur and sheer madness.

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One Piece Chapter 753 – The Strawhat Alliance Unites

One Piece chapter 753 - The Strawhat Alliance unites

The anger towards the Donquixote Pirates has driven the Colosseum fighters to unite against Doflamingo

Looks like the antagonistic nature of the Donquixote Pirates are effectively going to be what causes Doflamingo and his organisation to fall. Just because they have made so people suffer in such tragic and inhuman ways is reason enough for group of rag-tag pirates, criminals and fighters to band together and pursue a single purpose – to make sure that Doflamingo does not win.

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Naruto Chapter 685 – Locating Uchiha Sasuke

Naruto chapter 685 - Time is short - colour by X7Rust (http://x7rust.deviantart.com)

Time is short – colour by X7Rust

Even if Sakura isn’t directly engaging an enemy, it is great that Kishimoto-sensei is trying to focus on her by utilising her medical abilities and combining them with Obito’s ability to open dimensions. It still would have been better if Sakura did actively engage an opponent in battle, but regardless, Sakura giving her all to locate Sasuke in order to help Naruto was nice to see. Also fantastic work by Obito in straining his eyes trying to open the dimensions of Kaguya in order to locate Sasuke. Hopefully he does have enough vitality to return Sasuke back to the dimension Naruto is engaging Kaguya in.

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