One Piece Chapter 768 – Doflamingo VS Law

One Piece chapter 768 - Injection Shot

Law conveying the will of Rosinante through his blade

After the moving flashback we just had it feels good seeing Law take all the emotions he has for Rosinante and channel it through the purpose he inherited from him i.e. to stop Doflamingo. Doflamingo may ultimately be Luffy’s opponent, but having the focus centered around Law and Doflamingo for the moment does serve the purpose of increasing the weight the fateful day thirteen years ago had, for both Law and Doflamingo. Law is using memories of that day to focus his wrath while Doflamingo is becoming unsettled by the day he would like to forget.

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Bleach Chapter 606 – Impending Danger

Bleach chapter 606 - the Visored meet with Kisuke

Glad to see the Visored again

My goodness, wherever Kisuke threads, a mass wave of mystery follows, just what exactly is he up to and what does he have planned? I’m confident that Kisuke does genuinely rely on Ichigo but based on the conversation Kisuke and Hiyori had there are certain things he seems to have omitted sharing with Ichigo. My guess would be the energy balance between the dimensions being out of sync and posing some form of danger to the worlds. Hiyori was investigating the distortion between Soul Society and the Human World, so it would make sense if the context of the conversation she had with Kisuke was concerning such a matter. Still, I find it interesting that Hiyori believes Ichigo doesn’t stand a chance against the enemy at the Soul King Palace O.o.

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One Piece Chapter 767 – You Are Free

One Piece chapter 767 - The inevitable confrontation

Even though they are brothers, their beliefs force them to oppose each other

The heart is but a fragile existence; grand in its capacity to feel but vulnerable in its ability to comprehend the pain overwhelming it. Subject to the corroding touch of the world’s madness, the heart reacts in a manner unique to each bearer. Such is the case with the story between two brothers and their contrasting interpretations of the madness they were victims of as young boys. One became consumed by it and chose to embrace it; the other traumatized by it, chose to rise above it. In the end, their choices and the life of a young boy led them to opposing each other.

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Bleach Chapter 605 – Ichibei VS Yhwach

Bleach chapter 605 - Ichibei VS Yhwach

Seeing Yhwach so surprised by Ichibei’s attack was quite pleasant, too bad Yhwach isn’t destined to be defeated until Ichigo appears and does so…

I’ve been wondering how Aizen will end up being used in this final arc and it seems Kyouraku heading to Central 46 is heavily implying that he intends to have Aizen freed or at least temporarily aid in the defense against the Sternritter invasion on the Soul King Palace. It should be interesting to see what Aizen ends up doing when he is told that Yhwach is on his way to annihilate the Soul King. Despite Ichibei standing against Yhwach and holding him off, it is inevitable that Ichibei won’t end up stopping Yhwach. But thankfully, his efforts are buying Ichigo valuable time to arrive at the Soul King Palace.

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Shokugeki No Soma TV Anime Confirmed For 2015

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 93 - anime adaptation confirmed

Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars) anime adaption confirmed for 2015

It has been announced that Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars) will get a television anime adaptation in 2015. J.C. Staff will be producing the anime with Yoshitomo Yonetani as the director .

Shokugeki no Soma is a story of a boy pursuing the path of cooking and challenging himself so that one day he can surpass his father and continue on the family business – a special-of-the-day shop. Within that setting is a story where the curtain rises on the new possibilities of cooking and the pleasures, flavours and textures brought along with it.

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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 91-93 – Unprecedented Event

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 93 - three way final

What a curious final; hot on one side, cold on the other and Souma in between =D

While I did feel either Akira or Ryou would be great opponents for Souma in the final, I honestly did not expect the final to be between the three of them. But thinking about it, the way the scoring was set-up in the preliminaries (Souma drawing with Ryou and losing to Akira by one point), the best course of action to settle the lack of finality in the scoring was to have Souma defeat both them. And seeing how Souma had not met either of them again prior to the final, the three-way final should have been expected. But regardless, that twist was extremely satisfying and I look forward to seeing how this unprecedented event intensifies.

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One Piece Chapter 766 – Memories Of The Heart

One Piece chapter 766 - Rosinante and the Ope Ope no Mi

Always making a bad situation positive, Rosinante is such a lovable character

What a mellow feeling I have overwhelming me seeing Rosinante pull Law out from the hell he was cast into and knowing that Rosinante will make the ultimate sacrifice to save Law. Forsaking his own life and future, Rosinante put every ounce of his will into making sure Law was able to cure himself of the Amber Lead poison in his body and be able to escape the birdcage Doflamingo entrapped the people on Minion inside. It is an almost numbing feeling, I want to be sad that Rosinante’s life is about to end, but the heart-warming sacrifice he is making to save a boy traumatized by consuming suffering is just too moving to not admire and want to smile, especially after that last panel. That final smile of Rosinate’s definitely burned itself into Law’s memory just as it did for the reader.

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